ANALYSIS: The astonishing degree of bad forecasting foisted on Greece

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Let us forgive those shoving Hellenic heads down the toilet, for they know not what they’re doing

The Troika and other Centres of Incompetence within Brussels-am-Berlin have been making predictions in one form or another about Greece since early 2010. The inaccuracy of these prévisions make the British Met Office seem a model of 99.9% accuracy by comparison.

Yesterday having been May Day, Athens was replete  with protests organised by public and private sector unions and opposition parties. As a result (and to make life difficult for the sake of it) the Samaras shambles government closed four metro stations in central Athens from 9 am. Obviously, the Athenian population was protesting about a pointless austerity that has ripped the heart from the City’s economy without anaesthetic. But in truth, they should be demonstrating about this being brought upon their heads by people who clearly have no idea WTF they’re…

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