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The thing to remember about China is that all unions are state controlled. Independent unions are illegal.

Yet China Foreign Teachers Union (CFTU) claims to be the one exception in the whole country.

It seems impossible to believe that the Chinese government would allow western teachers to form an illegal union, and allow that union to harass and intimidate technically lawful Chinese businesses.

Yet that is what the CFTU is claiming they can do.

The first warning to all expats in China is to never give out your name and details to anybody, without first verifying who they are, and the reason for needing the information.

Most likely, CFTU is a Chinese operation that serves one or more of the following functions:

  • Collects the names of foreign teachers on behalf of the government. The teachers will then be reported as illegal, or as potential troublemakers
  • Collects the names of…

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  1. Sorry Ms. Brown, I just realized I made some typos and would like to correct them or people may wonder if I should be teaching English! Thank you for fixing for me on your blog.

    My name is Cindy and I have been a teacher in China for many years going back to 2007 (mostly kindergartens). Although I was never a member of the CFTU but I did do quite a bit of volunteer work for them in 2011 and 2012 before I got pregnant.

    “I tried posting here yesterday but for some reason my post did not appear so perhaps I did something wrong and shall try again…

    First, I enjoy reading your articles which are usually fresh, light, and always interesting. However this post about the CFTU (China Foreign Teachers Union) is a bit disturbing to me because I am a teacher who in 2011 and 2012 did quite a bit of volunteer work for the CFTU. Most people don’t realize it but everyone in the CFTU is a volunteer. I no longer do volunteer work with them but only because I now have two jobs and a new baby to attend to.

    But I was a bit shocked when I read that the CFTU was being accused of being a Chinese scam when in fact it is not and anyone who ever attended a CFTU meeting would know this right away. The three founders were two Americans and a Canadian and the only Chinese that attend the meetings are usually the partners of foreign teachers working in China.

    So I began doing research about the fellow who authored this article that you re-blogged and my husband reminded me that we had met this guy a few years ago when he tried to recruit me to teach for some Chinese school (I can’t recall which now) but I was already working for Muffy’s kindergarten. Anyway my husband and I were both puzzled why a foreigner would suddenly attack a group of volunteers that do a lot of free stuff for their teaching colleagues. Then we found the below links and now must ask you Ms. Brown… How well do you really know Craig Hill and do you know about his former girlfriend and business partner who was exposed in part by the CFTU?

    The above links are self-explanatory and in the cause of fairness, I think you should investigate further and not be so quick to reblog for people until you determine their motives. Two things should make you wonder 1) Why would Chinese expose other Chinese for scamming foreigners like the CFTU does on their web sites? And 2) If the CFTU was a scam why is there nobody claiming to be a victim?

    I deliberately chose not to become a member like many volunteers, only because I did not want to get my name on anything that the Chines government could get a hold of and use as an excuse not to renew my visa, but I support them fully and helped them give free workshops on employee rights and remedies.

    I attended over a dozen meetings and never did anyone from the CFTU try to sell me anything. Membership has always been free unless they changed their policy in the last six months? I made some good and helpful friends there and their blacklist kept me from making what would have been a bad decision. Perhaps you should visit their two websites and and note that all of the following they provide for free:

    * Free China Labor Laws In English
    * Free Contract Reviews
    * Free Arbitration Service
    * Free Cross-Cultural Communications Workshops
    * Free Black and White Lists
    * Free VPN Software
    * Free Employee Rights & Remedies Workshop
    * Free Chinese Lessons

    I only had to spend money twice in connection to the CFTU- once to pay 100 yuan for my share of a KTV party that included dinner, and another time I paid 60 yuan when a group of CFTU had an outing to visit the Great Wall together and the 60 yuan covered my bus, lunch, and admission costs to the park. Never once did I ever see anyone cheated at or by the CFTU.

    I am not a trouble maker Ms. Brown, but I have a very low tolerance for gossip and the sort of foul play undertaken by Mr. Hill . Please read the above links and consider his real motives. Keep up the great articles on your blog since I read it regularly just for the jokes which are great.

    In case I am not posting correctly I will take a screen print and email this to you as well.

    Best wishes – Cindy

  2. Dear Ms. Brown,

    I normally enjoy reading your blog but today I must ask you… How much do you really know about Craig Hill and The China Daily Mail? Perhaps you should not be so quick to reblog for people until you question their motives and investigate WHY they would attack a group or people who don’t sell anything and volunteer 6 hours of their time every week to help their fellow teachers. These three links should hopefully give you some insights.

    I regret to say that I have also been used by people like Craig in the past and it took me some time to realize it. These days, I am far more cautious. Keep up the great blog – you write well!

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