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Meaning Of Names . . .
An American Indians boy goes to his mother with a puzzled look on
his face. Say Mom, why is my bigger brother named Mighty Storm?

Because he was conceived during a mighty storm, she said.

Then he asked Why is my sister named Cornflower?

Well your father and I were in a cornfield when we made her, she
replied. He then asked And why is my other sister called Moon child?

We were watching the moon-landing when she was conceived,
the mother replies.

The mother paused and said to her son, So tell me:
Why are you asking,Torn Rubber ?

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Nadine Dorries v Louise Mensch: it’s a war for the Tory soul

For lovers of democracy in all its narcissistic splendour, what dark and joyless days these are. The Muthah of Parliaments is bereft of its two leading backbench superstars, and while we may follow them elsewhere (in fact, their unceasing tweets and public appearances leave no option about that), Westminster isn’t the same without them.

One consolation for fans of Nadine Dorries or Louise Mensch – and one cannot be a fan of both; a choice, however agonising, must and will be made – is that the absentee twins may soon be reunited. It cannot be long before some Reithian genius flogs a proposal for Celebrity Female Cage Fight Grudge Match to Mr Richard Desmond’s Channel 5, and since these two speak for so many by absolutely loathing one another, they may safely be slated for the trial episode. It has the makings of the most controversial pilot since Pontius.


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Ken Hegan

By Ken Hegan for MSN Travel

You can always count on Ryanair for controversy.

Ryanair jetRyanair’s outspoken cost-cutting CEO, Michael O’Leary, once vowed that his airline would charge for toilets. Ten years ago, the airline famously refused to offer wheelchairs to disabled passengers. This year they introduced seats that don’t recline. Plus the airline now charges you a whopping 60 Euros to print a boarding pass.

But their new scheme tops them all. O’Leary wants Ryanair’s passengers to stand on their short-haul European flights. Not ‘stand up for their rights’…he really does mean ‘stand up’.

In an interview with the Telegraph newspaper, O’Leary said, “Seatbelts don’t matter…if there ever was a crash on an aircraft, God forbid, a seatbelt won’t save you.”

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The Daley Gator

Israel is defending itself, and good for them! Frankly, I hope that if they do commit ground troops, they do not STOP until they eradicate the Hamas vermin. But, of course, the Left is going Berzerk on Twitter. Twitchy has the Tweets of outrage from anti-Semites, fools, and losers who are calling for death to Jews. Go read them all, you will be angry, and disgusted, but is important to understand what type of fanatics we are dealing with here. This is just one example

More than 12,000 rockets hit Israel in the past 12 years. RT if you think #Israel has the right to defend itself.

I dare yall bitches to do that to Iran you zionist devils hitler should have killed you all @IDFSpokesperson

Hate to break it to you there Darth Douchebag…

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Kate Shrewsday

Fatalist, sheep are. Necessetarian, even.

In fact, you can’t leave sheep unattended: they will end up believing they’re going to die.

Stupid? No. They can tweet. This is the 21st century, after all.

This morning  I listened to one of the first programmes of the day on our talk radio channel, Radio 4: Open Country.

Contrary to its name, it was not in the open country this week. It was in Brighton, where the most extraordinary experiment is going on with urban sheep.

Brighton and Hove City Council has realised that lawn mowers and their operators cost more than a flock of sheep, and the sheep keep the grass cropped far better, and with a pleasing shabby-chic style which delights those bohemian Brightonians. Their presence and indeed their poo encourages wildlife. Rare forms of butterflies are re-emerging, as the sheep make the environment perfect for their fellow globe-dwellers.


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