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By Alan Caruba ~

My mail the day after the election was filled with vituperation from the Left. Words like “kike” and “scumbag” were just some that I encountered. I welcome their disdain.

The Left is triumphant, but they do not see that “sequestration” is coming to further erode the power of our military and the consequences that will flow from that. They do not see the skyrocketing taxes that will be imposed on Americans.

The Left has always lived in a utopia of the leveling of all earnings, the nanny state government that will control everything they do. They want a hand-out, not the hard work of lifting oneself out of poverty and dependency. That will be the fate of a complacent middle class.

Norman Thomas, the former U.S. Socialist Party presidential candidate in the 1940s said, “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialist. But, under the name…

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