The Obama-Romney debate wasn’t a game-changer. The game is already over, and Obama has won

So once again, the reset button on the 2012 US presidential election has been pressed.The polls were unanimous, MSNBC analyst Chris Matthews kept the Valium uncorked, and Fox News’s decision to call the debate a draw provided definitive proof of Barack Obama’s victory.

Which is a blessed relief, given nothing else matters. Not the state of the US economy. Or the global terror threat. Living standards, job security; all are an irrelevance.

The people of the world’s foremost democracy are going to decide to cast their votes based solely on what was said at the University of Denver two weeks ago, and last night on the campus of Hofstra University, an establishment whose mission statement aspires to nothing less than “the betterment of humankind”.

Well, the trustees of Hofstra may very well get their wish. Hostra is no longer a mere university. It is the new Game Changer.

Or at least, that is the narrative. And blimey, how that narrative has shifted. Two weeks ago Barack Obama was cruising to re-election. Then he was teetering on the edge of oblivion. Today he has “made big strides towards turning things around”.


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