Courageous, Pro-Israel Mensch Andy Roddick Retires From Tennis: Said No to Muslim Apartheid

American pro tennis player Andy Roddick announced yesterday that he is retiring from tennis after this week’s U.S. Open. And I will miss him because he is one of the few courageous, principled men in pro sports, today. As you may recall, in 2009, when Israeli Jewish professional tennis players were banned from the Qatar Open and Dubai Tennis Championshps per the Arab Muslim boycott on Israel and accompanying apartheid travel ban against Israeli Jews, Roddick was the only pro tennis player to speak out against it. Not only did he speak out against it, he went a heroic step further by pulling out of the 2009 Dubai Tennis Championships.


Baroness Warsi plea to remain as Tory chairman

The Prime Minister is expected in his forthcoming reshuffle to replace Lady Warsi with a candidate from the Right wing of the party, who speaks for core Tory supporters.

Lady Warsi told The Daily Telegraph that while the Conservative Party was “beginning to change”, it still had more to do to broaden its appeal if it was to win the next election.

Speaking in Tampa Bay, Florida, where she has been attending the Republican convention, the peer said: “If I genuinely had a choice, I would like to stay doing what I’m doing.

“If you look at the demographics, at where we need to be at the next election, we need more people in the North voting for us, more of what they call here ‘blue collar’ workers and I call the white working class. We need more people from urban areas voting for us, more people who are not white and more women.


U.S. Constitutional Free Press

A family of Syrian Armenians was killed in the Zamalka district of Damascus, Zhamanak newspaper reported referring to the Syrian agency ShamTimes.

According to the publication, the family members were killed by militants of the ‘Liua Islam’ group, Armenia Today reported. According to the publication, the criminals shot an Armenian family in the street. As a result, husband and wife, their three children and sister of the head of household were killed. Local people confirmed that the victims were members of the local Armenian community. According to the newspaper, mostly Christians live in Zamalka.
Anti-government protests have continued in Syria for about 17 months.

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China News

A growing number of U.S. companies plan to shift some operations from China to Southeast Asia in the next two years as confidence in countries such as the Philippines improves, a survey by the AmericanChamber of Commerce in Singapore showed.

AmCham Singapore said on Thursday its survey of 356 senior executives working for U.S. companies in the region showed that 21 percent planned to reduce reliance on China by moving some businesses to Southeast Asia over the next two years, up from 15 percent in a 2011 survey.

Malaysia and the Philippines were the top choices for expansion, with both getting cited by 27 percent of respondents with plans to reduce their reliance on China. In a survey last year, 21 percent of those expecting to move some operations favoured Malaysia, and 11 percent cited the Philippines.

In the new survey, the next most favoured destinations were Vietnam and…

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Humorous Dispassionate

Three blondes are stuck on a desert island and one finds a magic lamp.
They rub it and a genie pops out and gives them each a wish.

The first blonde says, I wish I was 10% smarter so I could get off of this island.
Then she turns into a redhead and swims off the island.

The second sees what happens and says I wish I was 25% smarter
so that I can get off this island!” She then turns into a brunette,
makes a raft from trees and sails off.

Finally, the third blonde says I wish I was 50% smarter
so I can get off this island.

She then suddenly turns into a man and walks across the bridge.

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