Clint Eastwood can talk to as many chairs as he likes. Mitt Romney is still going to lose in November

Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech got off to a barnstorming start. “Mr Chairman and delegates, I accept your nomination for President of the United States!”, he boomed. During Romney’s last major public appearance, he’d told the audience the next President of the United States was going to be his running mate Paul Ryan. So by last night he’d clearly decided to raise his game, and his sights.

Though when I say boomed, that’s not strictly accurate. As he delivered his opening line he actually tipped his head to one side in a slightly coquettish way, and smiled humbly. Humility was to form a key part of Mitt Romney’s speech. In fact he was so at pains to come across as a humble man from humble origins there where times I started to think the GOP had selected Uriah Heap to take on Barack Obama.

Romney had a bit of a tough childhood. Or rather, his parents did. His father was a Mexican refugee, his mother a beautiful young actress (who in an inversion of convention, ran away from Hollywood to pursue her dream of becoming a Mormon). There were he said, “too many long hours and weekends working.


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4 thoughts on “Clint Eastwood can talk to as many chairs as he likes. Mitt Romney is still going to lose in November

  1. Oyia, stick to humor? I don’t see any coquettish flip of the head and I also need to realize that this many is NOT a politician, NOT a man who makes his living by oratory. He makes his living solving problems, and Lord knows, we need some problems solved. President Obama has had nearly 4 years to solve some problems or make them a bit better I don’t know any indicator that measures in the ‘better’ column.

    I know it’ll take more than 4 years to fix the wrongs of probably the last 80, but we didn’t need to go DEEPER IN THE HOLE BY AN INCREDIBLY MEASURABLE AMOUNT

    • I’m with you all the way, and have posted may reblogs pointing out all the incompetence Unfortunately, the pundits seem to indicate that O will win. A few words that suggest this might be true perhaps will wake some people up to the facts as you state. Thanks.

      • When I think that most of those pundits (self-proclaimed journalists) are liberal, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black. It’s like asking a girl to say that men are good people, when she was abused by her father and uncle.

        The media, the people who are support to report the news and ONLY the news, NOT their OPINION about the news and the late night talk show hosts (for the most part) are so much in bed with Barack Obama that people who make their decisions based on what Bill Maher says, will treat his word as the inviolate truth.

        Same thing with the unions. Their leaders (and so their followers) are so much for Barack Obama, that instead of using their brains and teaching their pupils to THINK FOR THEMSELVES, they teach impressionable kids what their union bosses want them to teach.

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