Halal Games and Anti-Jihad War Apparatus in Islamized London
by Enza Ferreri

London is the most Islamic city to have hosted the Olympic Games ever. There are at least 1 million Muslims thought to live in London, although the figure is likely to be higher.

And these Olympics will be dominated by Islam in more than one way.

London 2012 are the first Games to which every participating country has sent female athletes. Saudi Arabia, Brunei and Qatar had never sent women to the Olympics before. The International Olympic Committee (IOC), under pressure from human rights groups, wanted female athletes from Muslim countries to participate, and threatened Saudi Arabia with a ban in order to achieve that result.

However, the International and the London Olympic Committees had to make many concessions. Behind the conspicuous hijab-wearing women in the Opening Ceremony Athletes’ Parade, and the amazing IOC decision to…

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China News

Hong Kong’sSingtao Daily reports, “News about North Korea’s export of 120,000 workers to China appeared for the first time on Chinese Mainland media. The first group of them, about 30 in number, have already worked for nearly 6 months in a hotel at Jiangsu’s Waxi Village, the richest village in China. They are mostly college graduates aged 20-odd, working in service trade with major job responsibilities of singing and dancing.

“Their monthly salary of about 6,000 yuan (US$942) was paid by their employer directly to the North Korean government.” They themselves only get 150 yuan (US$23.55) pocket money per day. According to reports, they provide wonderful singing and dancing services but live a dull and mythic life.

Guangzhou’s “South Weekend” reports: “Bai Yinyu, a North Korean girl working at Longxi International Hotel, Waxi Village is a graduate from a university in Pyongyang majoring in commerce. She is beautiful…

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China News

Just 28 years after China won its first Olympic gold medal, the nation is coming to terms with life as the world’s leading athletic superpower and is apparently not sure what to do about it.

Gold medals still bring rapturous applause from the world’s most populous nation, but the response to scenes of perceived failure by its athletes in London has revealed deep divisions among sports fans, many of whom now argue the country’s philosophy of win at all costs has run its course.

Until now China had methodically plotted a course to Olympic domination, using its awesome state apparatus and talent identification programmes to build a powerhouse team that topped the overall medal tally for the first time at the Beijing Games four years ago.

But coming off that high and starting the 2012 games as the hunted has thrust the country’s athletes and its supporters into a…

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Rochdale sex gang leader jailed for 22 years

Taxi driver Shabir Ahmed, 59, was already serving a 19 year sentence from May for conspiracy, two rapes, aiding and abetting rape, sexual assault and sex trafficking. His domineering temper earned him the nickname “Daddy” by the white teenage victims.

The ringleader, who called the judge a ‘racist b——‘, was one of nine men jailed at Liverpool Crown Court for a total of 77 years for passing round the youngsters and plying them with drugs and drink.

Judge Khokhar jailed Ahmed for another 22 years, to run alongside the previous sentence, after a jury at Manchester Crown Court convicted him of repeatedly raping an Asian child for over a decade.

The divorced father-of-four was ordered to the cells halfway through his sentencing after telling the judge he was “talking s—“.

He told the court: “It is all lies concocted by the police. What are you all looking at, eh? You will all rot in hell.”