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While David Cameron promised to turn Olympics into gold for the British, the Chinese athletes vowed to bring back gold. Unlike Mr Cameron, who keeps surprising his tax payers with an increasing Olympics budget, the Chinese athletes are keeping their words, at great expenses.

The Chinese take Olympic medals seriously. Ever since the Chinese Olympic Team, consisting of 621 athletes and coaches, arrived in London, predictions of who would win how many gold medals occupied Chinese media. Most websites have put forward the ranking of countries according to the number of gold medals obtained by their athletes, and Chinese people want to see their country on top.

Therefore paramount pressure is put on the athletes.  Medals winners are loved by the entire country, their family members are invited to dinner parties with the local authority, during which they are crowned as the “mother/ father of a national hero”.

By contrast…

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By Alan Caruba ~

It’s official or, well, semi-official. The Washington Blade which identifies itself as “America’s leading gay news source” reported on Monday, July 30, that the Democratic Party platform had approved the language of “pro-LGBT positions” to be included in the party’s platform.

LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender for those of you who do not breathlessly follow the demands of this rather special group of voters. Apparently not satisfied in May when DC Comics announced that the sexual orientation of one of their superheroes would henceforth be homosexual, this latest breakthrough is surely being hailed in gay bars and salons from coast to coast.

The platform is still in a draft phase, but reportedly will include a plank approving same-sex marriage and rejecting the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The Obama administration let it be known that it would not defend DOMA despite the fact…

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