Blair does his master class at Leveson

Number 10 says that David Cameron was busy with meetings and did not have time to watch Tony Blair give evidence at the Leveson inquiry. To that, one can only respond: yeah, right. Is it credible that the Prime Minister would miss the chance to see his former rival and role-model do his old routine?

Imagine the scene inside the PM’s office today, with awestruck Cameroons clustered around the TV, cooing at every “y’know”, “look” and “I was priddy #pretty# clear that…” with a thought forming: “He’s still got it.”

Blair is an old ham. But you have to hand it to the former Labour leader, in terms of presentation he is a hand-reared, lightly-smoked, high quality ham.

If you think he was a charlatan who wrecked the constitution, took us deeper into Europe and did immense damage by not taking any interest in economics, believing his neighbour’s lunatic contention that he had “ended boom’n’bust”, then today at Leveson wasn’t really for you. Those looking for Blair to trip up at Leveson have thus far been sorely disappointed. He is still on the stand as a I write this, and there is the possibility that Jay and Leveson will toughen up their questions.

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Derby fire: parents arrested after weeks of police surveillance

Mick Philpott, 55, and his wife Mairead, 31, were arrested today after being kept under close observation by police over several weeks.

Suspicions were raised after detectives became increasingly concerned that the fire was deliberately started inside the house in Allenton, Derby, where petrol was used as an accelerant, rather than initial thoughts that the fuel was poured through the letterbox.

Sources said that Mr Philpott’s behaviour in recent days had also been a factor. One said: “He’s been watched very closely from the outset.”

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