David Cameron’s radical plan to reform jobs red tape

He will throw his weight behind a far-reaching report which calls for a bonfire of regulations that employers say are stifling job creation.

The report by Adrian Beecroft, a venture capitalist, will be published in full this week after months of delay.

The Sunday Telegraph has learnt that it will call for firms to be given much greater flexibility to make redundancies; for the lifting of restrictions on the equality laws that industry says are stifling job creation, and for a cap on employment tribunal payouts.

Mr Cameron will risk severe tensions with the Liberal Democrats by backing such far-reaching proposals but will use his support to attempt to reassure business that the Government is “pro-growth”, after a bruising reaction to the Queen’s Speech.

The Sunday Telegraph has learnt that the 15-page document, drawn up by Mr Beecroft after he was given access to Government lawyers, has 20 proposals including:

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Don’t mention the score: Angela Merkel looks stony-faced as David Cameron celebrates Chelsea victory

So the Prime Minister could be forgiven for not being quite so humble in victory when Chelsea beat Bayern Munich to take the Champions League title last night.

Mrs Merkel looked less than impressed as Didier Drogba hurtled his penalty past Manuel Neuer to seal the match while Mr Cameron threw his hands in the air in double fist pump.

Barack Obama, who was standing diplomatically between the two, also appeared engrossed in the game although he kept his hands firmly clasped behind his back.

The three world leaders watched the match during the G8 summit in where Mr Cameron has called for world leaders to draw up “strong contingency plans” for the break-up of the euro after discussing the European debt crisis with Barack Obama.

The Prime Minister also urged the European Central Bank (ECB) to emulate the Bank of England by printing new money to inject into the European economy.

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Alzheimer's Association of Colorado

One of the 10 Warning Signs of great concern to adult children of those with Alzheimer’s is the decrease in judgment apparent as the disease progresses.

This warning sign is more obvious if someone has always been really frugal and especially careful with their finances. Watch for sudden increases in spending or giving large sums of money away to perfect strangers who call or happen by the house. The key is whether this is unusual behavior and if so the risks should be discussed, not only related to financial issues but the personal risk of inviting a stranger into the house could be of concern as well.

Poor judgment isn’t limited to financial issues however. Decision making in general is affected and may include things like not wearing weather appropriate clothing, the inability to determine when it’s safe to cross a busy street, going for a walk alone or even…

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Elliott in Gotham

[Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza] The American painter Edward Hopper (Nyack, 1882 – New York, 1967) was one of the foremost exponents of twentieth-century Realism. Although he did not attract the attention of critics or the public for much of his life and was forced to work as an illustrator to earn a living, his works are now icons of modern life and society

Hopper studied at the New York School of Art with William Merrit Chase and Robert Henri. He made several trips to Europe and was interested in European culture and art from a very early age, particularly the work of Edgar Degas and Édouard Manet. (Works by a number of the artists who influenced Hopper are included in this exhibition.)  In 1910 he settled permanently into his New York City home in Washington Square, which, from 1930 onwards, he left only during his summer sojourns in New England, chiefly…

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