Stair Climbing for Exercise – Walking for Fitness

Climbing Stairs: A Convenient Way to Workout

You don’t have to join a gym or even change into exercise clothes to have free access to a fine piece of exercise equipment: stairs. Climbing stairs regularly can improve cardiovascular fitness and strength. Let’s go through the steps in climbing stairs for exercise:

Climbing stairs is primarily an aerobic activity—that is, it gives your heart and circulatory system a workout. It will improve leg strength, too.

Start with 25 steps or so and gradually increase the number you climb.

Keep your back erect or bend slightly forward from your hips.

Climbing two steps at a time is good exercise for major leg muscles (notably the quadriceps) and buttocks (gluteal muscles). But people with knee problems should be wary of trying this; and if your legs are short you may risk injuring groin muscles.

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