Conservative Home’s assault on the NHS bill isn’t about Andrew Lansley: it’s an attack on David Cameron

Well, Downing Street has got its wish. Someone has taken out Andrew Lansley and shot him. In the back.

Yesterday I wrote Labour had yet to find a bullet with the health secretary’s name on it. They needn’t have worried: Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home has done the dastardly deed. “The NHS was long the Conservative Party’s Achilles heel,” he says. “David Cameron’s greatest political achievement as Leader of the Opposition was to neutralise health as an issue. The greatest mistake of his time as Prime Minister has been to put it back at the centre of political debate.”

Mr Cameron could be forgiven for feeling a little miffed this morning. Since becoming leader he has been under constant, if low level, attack from the Right of his party for – how can one put this delicately – being a bit of a wuss. All that flouncing about in the Downing Street rose garden with Nick Clegg. Jabbering on about how “we’re all in this together”.

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3 thoughts on “Conservative Home’s assault on the NHS bill isn’t about Andrew Lansley: it’s an attack on David Cameron

  1. Why can’t these PMs remember they are there to represent their constiuencies, consisting of actual human beings with actual needs?

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