David Cameron has shed too much blood to back down on health reform

Rachel Sylvester reports today on the remarkable hostility to Andrew Lansley in some parts of Downing Street, where at least one Cameron aide thinks he “should be taken out and shot”. I’ve summarised the latest on the prospects of the health Bill in my morning briefing. There’s also some idle thinking given to replacing the Health Secretary with Alan Milburn, who would be catapulted into Cabinet via a peerage. All this fuels the idea that the NHS Bill might be dumped to kill off a source of continuing discontent with the Coalition. The Bill is back in the Lords tomorrow, where trouble is expected. All the medical professions have come out against it. The Tory advantage on health in the polls has evaporated. Mr Cameron is now opposed by the nurses and doctors in a way that the public might begin to notice. On the surface it might look like a situation ripe for another tactical retreat.

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1 thought on “David Cameron has shed too much blood to back down on health reform

  1. Health care reform should be a top priority worldwide! Why are we letting the pharmaceutical companies virtually rule our bodies?

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