Scousers’ Quiz Night

Q. Two Liverpool girls jump off a cliff. Who wins?

A. Society.

Q. What does a Liverpool girl use as protection during sex?

A. A bus shelter.

Q. What do you call a 30 year old Scouse girl?

A. Granny.

Q. Why did the Scouse girl cross the road?

A. To start a fight with a complete stranger for no reason.

Q. What do you call a Scouse girl in a white tracksuit?

A. The bride.

Q. What’s the first question during a Scouse quiz night?

A. What you looking at?

Q. Two Scouse kids in a car with no music playing – who is driving?

A. The policeman.

Q. What’s the difference between a Scouse boy and an Scouse girl?

A. A Scouse girl has a higher sperm count.

Q. What’s the most confusing day in Liverpool ?

A. Fathers day

Owning Iran – Dry Bones Blog

Owning Iran

Developments in the Iran “situation” seem to be moving quickly.

“How does an American President campaigning for reelection handle the snowballing Iranian threat?” is a question that all of the players are assessing, and that includes the Iranians, the Saudis, the Israelis, and the campaigning President himself.



Thyroid Cancer

On Wednesday, Dr. Oz had a show on the fastest growing cancer in women,

thyroid cancer.

“It was a very interesting program and he mentioned that the increase could possibly be related to the use of dental x-rays and mammograms.

He demonstrated that on the apron the dentist puts on you for your dental x-rays there is a little flap that can be lifted up and wrapped around your neck. Many dentists don’t bother to use it.

Also, there is something called a “thyroid guard” for use during mammograms.

By coincidence, I had my yearly mammogram yesterday. I felt a little
silly, but I asked about the guard and sure enough, the technician had one
in a drawer. I asked why it wasn’t routinely used. Answer: “I don’t know. You have to ask for it.” Well, if I hadn’t seen the show, how would I have known to ask?”