Iran on the brink?

Dare one hope that finally the Iranian regime is starting to crack? Certainly a number of observers appear to think so.

‘Reza Kahlili’, a pseudonymous former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, the force that underpins the regime’s power base, has written that a split has opened up within the Revolutionary Guards which offers the west a rare opening to act against the regime. As noted before, the mysterious and devastating explosions on November 12 at the Guards’ base shook the regime and have led to many arrests – but in the words of a Guards’ commander quoted in the article, many of his comrades loathe and feel trapped by the regime. ‘Reza Kahlili’ writes:

‘The commander says the nation is suffering from an epidemic of hopelessness and that the possibility of an uprising like the one of 2009 is not great. He believes that now the only possibility for regime change is an attack from outside, such as the one that toppled Saddam Hussein in Iraq, but it would be highly costly for Iran and Iranians.

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Project 3500

Israel’s enemies try to erase the pre-1948 history of the Jews in the Land of Israel. But China has not yet been infected with this denial of Jewish History.

We propose to inoculate the 1.3 billion Chinese against this modern libel with exciting, popular, online, and free to download apps and eBooks …in a form and with content that will appeal to both the Chinese establishment and Chinese university students alike.

Yup! A unique project to bring China and the Jews closer together through educational, digital, Chinese-language, graphic works written and drawn by award-winning Dry Bones cartoonist, scholar, and political analyst Yaakov Kirschen (me)

We can do it …but we need your help!

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