Suffer The Children As Adults Use Them To Play Geo-Political Games

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Human Shields

To quote Daffy Duck, You’re Despicable

There is a saying in the world of advertising acting: Never be in a commercial with kids or dogs.  You’ll disappear.

For people who love kids and dogs, that sounds rather cynical, but it’s pretty true.  What is cute and appealing sells.  And what is cuter and more appealing than the young of any species?  The harsh truth is that children, puppies, kittens, ducklings, goslings, calves, and the like are made that way by Mother Nature so that the adults will fall in love and not kill them.

Sad, but true.

In the last 200 or so years, western attitudes toward children have evolved around protecting the little darlings.  By law, children are no longer allowed to work in factories or mines.  They must go to school,  They cannot be used as cheap, slave labor.  Or more or less slave labor.  Mining is plain…

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So you think you’re computer-illiterate? – 2

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Another Dell customer called to say he couldn’t get his computer to fax anything. After 40 minutes of trouble-shooting, the technician discovered the man was trying to fax a piece of paper by holding it in front of the monitor screen and hitting the “send” key.
Another Dell customer needed help setting up a new program, so a Dell tech suggested he go to the local Egghead. “Yeah, I got me a couple of friends, “the customer replied. When told Egghead was a software store, the man said, “Oh, I thought you meant for me to find a couple of geeks.”
Yet another Dell customer called to complain that his keyboard no longer worked. He had cleaned it by filling up his tub with soap and water and soaking the keyboard for a day, then removing all the keys and washing them individually.
A Dell technician received a call from…

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Paddy is a lesbian.

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Paddy comes out of a bar and he is standing next to a young girl.

the next thing is she starts to cry, so Paddy asks her “why are you crying”?

young girl “see that girl across the road ”

“well she is a lesbian and I want to fondle her run my hands up her skirt and make love to her ”

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Unhindered promotion of PSC speaker’s propaganda by BBC News

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The next time the opaquely funded, Hamas supporting, Palestine Solidarity Campaign complains about supposed BBC bias in favour of Israel (and let’s face it – that won’t take long), it may be worth reminding them of an item which appeared on BBC television news on July 26th and was also promoted on the BBC News website’s Middle East page under the title “London rally will ‘boost morale of Palestinians in Gaza’“.PSC demo London al Helou

In that report on a rally held on the same date in London (at which antisemitic imagery and messaging were in open use, although there is no reporting on that in this item), presenter Keith Doyle interviewed Yousef al Helou – currently a Reuters Journalist Fellow at Oxford University. Doyle made no effort whatsoever to counter the inaccuracies, falsehoods and propaganda spouted by al Helou, who claims not to be a Hamas supporter but all the…

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Netanyahu’s dilemma: Back Obama’s save Hamas policy, or fight for its downfall with Egypt and Saudis

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu entangled himself Saturday and Sunday, July 26-27,  in the net he had cast to blur the effect of the unanimous decision by the security-political cabinet of Friday to turn down the ceasefire proposals proposed by US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. The two diplomats and their partners, a brace of European ministers and Qatar and Turkey, who met in Paris to concoct a peace framework for Gaza, were privately dubbed by wags in Jerusalem the “Save Hamas Squad.”

Netanyahu tried to present the flat cabinet “no” to the ceasefire as a “no, maybe.”

His purpose was to leave an opening for the US and UN to ginger up their pro-Hamas framework for ending hostilities in the Gaza Strip by incorporating elements that Israel’s security needs half way. If that was done, Israel, he indicated, would be amenable to joining lengthy ceasefire…

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Answer to the Friday Puzzle….

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On Friday I posted this puzzle.

I have just made this video containing 10 bets that you will almost win (kinda).  About 1 min in I present one of my favourite puzzles – the vanishing square.

You can download your own version of the puzzle here.

So, the puzzle is….why does a square seem to vanish?

If you have not tried to solve it, have a go now.  For everyone else the answer is after the break.

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While pretending to scream for peace Hamas fires rockets into Israel after Gaza truce bid

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They don’t want peace. The entire conflict continues because Palestine is an authentic terrorist state who will never settle for peace. In their own assurance to Muslims around the world they have promised to never sign any peace treaties with Israel. The moment they truly want peace, they will stop their endless bombings into Israel and stop being the provocateur. This war is not about any land that has been “occupied” by Jews. It’s about Dar al-Islam – the legal rulings for ongoing islamic conquests. ISIS is one of 18 terrorist groups that operates in Gaza.



Hamas fires rockets into Israel after Gaza truce bid

Dozens of bodies were recovered from the rubble earlier on Saturday, the BBC’s Ian Pannell in Gaza reports

Hamas militants say they have fired several rockets into Israel, rejecting an offer to extend a 12-hour ceasefire in its Gaza operation until 21:00 GMT.

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