BBC silent on holiday terror attacks in southern Israel

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On the morning of April 21st, as the last day of Pessah was being celebrated in Israel, missiles were fired from the Gaza Strip at communities in the vicinity of the border in several consecutive incidents.

In all, seven missiles landed inside Israeli territory, with two of them landing in Sderot but thankfully not causing any injuries and only light damage. The attacks were later claimed by the Yahya Ayyash Brigades.

In addition, on the same morning an RPG was fired at Israeli soldiers patrolling the border fence and the evening before had seen an improvised explosive device activated against another IDF patrol on the southern part of the border with the Gaza Strip.

Later in the day the Israeli Air Force responded by targeting terror-related sites in the Gaza Strip.

Here is how the Middle East page of the BBC News website looked in the late…

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‘End of the World’ Theatre in Egypt’s Desert Destroyed

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The 'mysterious ghost cinema' has been destroyed.

The ‘mysterious ghost cinema’ has been destroyed (via Noha Zayed ).

Last month, photographs taken of an abandoned outdoor cinema in the middle of Egypt’s Sinai desert by an Estonian photographer, Kaupo Kikkas, went viral. Today, this cinema, which had attracted great attention for its mysterious location, was destroyed.

According to the photographer, the cinema had been built ‘at the start of the millennium’ by a French man who felt it would be a great idea. While no film was ever shown there, the empty seats in the middle of the cinema remained standing – and can even be seen on Google Maps.

Nothing remains but bits and pieces

Nothing remains but bits and pieces. Credit: Noha Zayed


Credit: Noha Zayed

Today, however, it has been revealed that the cinema has been trashed and destroyed. As you’ll see in this collection of photographs above, the seats have been forcibly removed and ripped apart. Nothing remains.

It is…

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DIY Beaded Wire-Wrapped Earrings


So practical

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DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

I haven’t made earrings in a while so, I made some wire wrapped earrings for this weeks DIY project. These are really easy to make, and only took me about 20 minutes. Please ignore my chipped nails…

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

Things You Will Need:
Earring clasps
Earring hooks

If you’ve used a Things-A-Ma-Jig, you can find them at Michaels. They’re great for any type of wire wrapping or beading.

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

Step 1
Using your rounded pliers, form a loop in the top of the wire.
(Please ignore my horrible nails.)

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

Step 2
Set up your Thing-A-Ma-Jig like the above image. You can leave the large bottom peg off the board. I just forgot to take it off.

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

Step 3
Wrap your wire around the pegs so it looks like this. When you’re done with this part, take off the wire and flatten it a bit.

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

Step 4
Add the bead…

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North Korea: the new generation is losing faith in the regime

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Ready for action: They show of might seemed intended to tell the world that, despite heavy sanctions relating to its nuclear weapons programme, North Korea remains on a war footing 60 years after the end of the Korean War

After decades of absolute control, Pyongyang’s iron grip on the lives of ordinary citizens is finally slipping. Tania Branigan meets the people who no longer believe the propaganda

Inside North Korea – in pictures

By Tania Branigan
The Guardian

If she is lucky – if her husband or children can slip away unnoticed to the riverside, nearer the Chinese phone masts – Chae Un-ee can talk to her family each day. “Talk” is perhaps an exaggeration; her loved ones end the call, made on a smuggled handset and SIM card, almost as soon as it begins.

“They have to be very quick because otherwise the phone can be tracked down,” she said. “It’s mainly just to hear their voice and know that they’re okay. If they don’t call me I worry, because the situation is very tense there.”

“There” is North Korea. Chae is not a dissident, not even…

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Turning a Blind Eye to Palestinian Bloodlust

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Turning a Blind Eye to Palestinian Bloodlust, Front Page MagazineJoseph Klein , April 22, 2014

(Abbas et al lie and President Obama et al believe them. Might pleasing lies be more consistent with the ideologies of both groups than unpleasant reality? — DM)

President Obama has described Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas as “somebody who has consistently renounced violence.”  Just the opposite was on full display once again last week.

There can be no genuine two state solution as long as Palestinian lies and incitement to violence continue.


President Obama has described Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas as “somebody who has consistently renounced violence.”  Just the opposite was on full display once again last week.  An Israeli father was killed and his pregnant wife and child were injured in a Palestinian terrorist shooting attack, as the family members were on their way to a Passover Seder on April 14th.  At first…

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