Liverpool football club, joke.

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The new manager of Liverpool football club sent scouts out around the world
Looking for a new center forward to replace his old and decrepit players
In the hope of winning the league.
One of his scouts informed him of a young Iraqi soccer player who he thinks
will turn out to be a true superstar.
The manager flies out to Baghdad to watch him play and is suitably impressed
and arranges for him to come to Liverpool.
Two week later and Liverpool are 4 to 1 down ManU and only 20 minutes to the end of the game,
The manager gives the young Iraqi the nod and on to the pitch he goes.
The lad is a sensation and scores 4 goals in 20 minutes and wins the match for Liverpool.

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UK news site actually publishes anti-Hamas cartoon

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While The Times (of London) is one of the better British newspapers on issues relating to Israel, it’s surprising nonetheless that any major paper in the UK would publish the following cartoon (by Peter Brooks), as it represents an unequivocal condemnation of Hamas and calls out the Islamist group for their tactic of using human shields.  


Cartoon by Peter Brooks

Such open criticism of an antisemitic extremist group is, sadly, the rare exception within a UK media which, conversely, often posts graphic agitprop advancing the most toxic calumnies about the democratic Jewish State  - a sad commentary on the moral confusion which grips the opinion elite in that country.

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Hamas Tunnels “National Security Threat” To Israel

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In this Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013 file photo, Israeli soldiers walk through a tunnel discovered near the Israel Gaza border. They’ve been dubbed “lower Gaza,” compared to the Underground, the Metro or the subway and depicted as a bone-chilling, strategic threat to Israel. Hamas’ web of tunnels is taking center stage in the relentless conflict between the militant group and Israel, with Israel’s ground offensive placing their destruction as a key objective. (AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov, File)

JERUSALEM (AP) — A network of tunnels Palestinian militants have dug from Gaza to Israel — dubbed “lower Gaza” by the Israeli military — is taking center stage in the latest war between Hamas and Israel.


Gaza’s Hamas rulers view them as a military game changer in its conflict with Israel. The Israeli military says the tunnels pose a serious threat and that destroying the sophisticated underground network is…

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More BBC amplification of Hamas ‘siege’ propaganda

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On July 24th the BBC News website’s Middle East page featured an excerpt from what it termed an “exclusive” ‘Hardtalk’ interview with Hamas’ Khaled Masha’al who of course resides very comfortably in Qatar.Hardtalk mashaal

If audiences were expecting the BBC’s representative Stephen Sackur to fulfil the corporation’s mission of cutting through Hamas slogans and propaganda in order to bring them accurate and impartial information which would help them reach informed opinions and enable them to “participate in the global debate on significant international issues“, they would have been sorely disappointed.

Stephen Sackur: “What would it take for Hamas to sign on to a ceasefire now?”

Khaled Masha’al: We want a ceasefire as soon as possible that’s parallel with the lifting of the siege on Gaza. This is the demand of the Gazan people. I call on the UN, the UK and the US to go to the Gazan…

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Fighting for Tripoli’s airport

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Clashes between rival Libyan militias fighting for control of the capital’s international airport killed 47 people over the last week, Libya’s Health Ministry said, as violence in an eastern city killed five. The weeklong battle in Tripoli began when Islamist-led militias — mostly from the western city of Misrata — launched a surprise assault on the airport, under control of rival militias from the western mountain town of Zintan. The clashes resumed Sunday after cease-fire efforts failed. On Monday, the burned-out shell of an Airbus A330 sat on the tarmac, a $113 million passenger jet for Libya’s state-owned Afriqiyah Airways destroyed in the fighting. “This was the pride of the Libyan fleet,” Abdelkader Mohammed Ahmed, Libya’s transportation minister, told journalists at the airport. “This airplane used to fly to South Africa, Bangladesh and China.” Inside the airport, closed since last Monday, the fighting left holes in the ceiling and…

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Urgent lessons Israel, US must learn to counter Hamas’s clever tactics, strategy

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Urgent lessons Israel, US must learn to counter Hamas’s clever tactics, strategy | The Times of Israel.

Other terror groups, with still greater capacity to do harm, will also emulate the Gaza Islamists’ use of rockets, tunnels, underground command centers, propaganda and martyrdom

July 25, 2014, 12:52 pm

An IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) Merkava tank drives near the Israeli border with Gaza on July 24, 2014. (Photo credit: Miriam Alster/FLASH90)

The current confrontation between Israel and Hamas could look at first glance like merely another military round between the two sides. However, a number of major differences, especially regarding Hamas’s regional isolation, its decade-long force buildup, and its development of military strategy and tactics, distinguish Israel’s Operation Protective Edge from past operations.

Although it might be too early to derive strategic conclusions from the current operation, certain key points can already be noted as lessons for the future.

Moreover, as other regional terror organizations seek to learn from this conflict, the task of analyzing Hamas’s…

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“He Is Still Alive”: Arizona Takes Two Hours To Execute Prisoner

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23ARIZONA-now-master180We previously discussed the botched execution in Oklahoma and the questions that it raised about our methods of execution. Now we have another horrific execution story to report. In Arizona, it took almost two hours for the prison to execute Joseph R. Wood III. The execution took so long that his counsel had time to file emergency papers with the federal court saying “He is still alive.”

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