Expiring Evolution

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©Bruno 2001

©Bruno 2001

the sun rises
sparrows stir
flowers reach
morning dew dries
in earth’s waking breath

silent winds blow
sparrows take flight
great trees sway
sharing seeds
securing existence

raindrops trickle
sparrows huddle
green grass grows
fragrance fills the air
intoxicating bliss

in the glow of the moon
predators roam
for food and game
it’s the way
the way of the world

hearts fill with sorrow
cries of mourning
frustrating anger rises
destruction breeds regret
nature out of sync

senseless hurting
revenge killing
sweating blood
. . . and tears
tears that spills hope

is there justification
a rhyme, a reason
for chaos and confusion
pain and innocent deaths
a world void of peace

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 8/21/14

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IN MEMORIAM: To dearest Ajaybhai – my blogging angel


I’m so sad to read about this. A wonderful, talented, creative and gentle man.

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(c) Ajay Mody {Ajaytao}

It is with heavy heart and deep sadness that we mourn the passing away of Ajay Mody, also known as Ajaytao, blogger of “Ajaytao2010” and the “Ajaytao Botanical Photography” blogs. He left this world on the 10th August 2014 after a short illness at his home in Mumbai, India.

Ajay was an incredible blogger,  a great friend and a proud Mumbaikar. I was humbled, yet reassured, by his kind and spiritual take on life. His imagery was moving and beautiful. He loved nature, loved children and loved life. He has been a great blogger and a firmly loyal friend to many of us.

United by a common knowledge of Gujarati language and our love for blogging, I first encountered Ajay in April 2013 after I stumbled across his blog, possibly after he had visited one of my articles and liked them. The simple imagery of flowers…

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The Caliphate Crucifies — Appalling Human Rights Disaster of the Islamist Jihad

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  • Mail on Sunday reporter Ian Birrell gives shocking despatch from Irbil
  • Terrified residents see Islamic State (IS) jihadists capturing nearby towns
  • Refugees speak of being offered sinister ultimatum by advancing horde
  • IS has shocked the world again by capturing new swathes of Iraq
  • Came as U.S. stepped in and started bombing IS artillery and convoys
  • Meanwhile they surround Yazidi religious minority on barren mountainside
  • Some of persecuted sect escaped today by helicopter and escort 

By Ian Birrell

MailOnline - news, sport, celebrity, science and health stories

They arrived bristling with heavy weapons and waving black flags from about a dozen Humvees, seized from the Iraqi army and supplied originally by the United States.

When the terrified residents looked out of their windows, they saw that Kosho, their traditional walled village in the mountains of northern Iraq, had been surrounded by jihadists. More than 200 bearded militants had besieged the village.

Then their leader – a local man from Mosul…

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Poached Eggs? WTF is That?

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So I’m browsing around the internet today and somehow wound up on Serious Eats on an article on how to make fool-proof Eggs Benedict. Many, many moons ago, (approx 30 years or so) I once worked at a Village Inn as a cook. Let me tell you, we most definitely did not make Eggs Benedict the way the article said.

20130417-hollandaise-video-The Hollandaise sauce I must frankly admit was not something I ever made. I think it was a pre-mix stuff. Oh the horrors!!!

As far as poaching the egg, we had a much simpler way of doing that. Break the egg in a small bowl of water and microwave the sucker. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am and you had Eggs Benedict in the time it took to toast the muffin and cook the Canadian Bacon.

But since it’s been such a long time since I’ve done this, I wasn’t quite sure…

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Live for Sketching 91

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2014-08-10 19.34.50-800

今天是中元節, 四處都沒什麼人, 唯一相同的是酷熱難忍, 好不容易走到勸化堂, 已經又熱又沒力了
雖說已過秋分, 要在沒遮陽的地方寫生其實是很痛苦的事, 快速地草草畫一張. 一下筆之後有點後悔, 不應該試著畫整個廟宇, 既複雜又不好處理, 只好留下雜亂的一張當成紀錄

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Are Hamas Demands Really Reasonable?

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Much of the mainstream media is echoing the Hamas and Islamic Jihad story line that the reason they had to resort to launching rockets and ending the ceasefire is all because Israel refused to meet their minimal demands. What the new reports are not bothering to report is that the Hamas and Islamic minimal demands bear a striking resemblance to their maximalist demands, so much so that one would be hard pressed to find one smidgen of a difference. So, what are these demands that the Israelis are being so short-sighted as to refuse to grants? The first is that Israel lifts their naval blockade, assist in rebuilding the Gaza port facilities and in the reconstruction of Gaza International Airways. Further, Israel must open all border crossings allowing for free passage between Gaza and Judea and Samaria (West Bank). That all Gaza borders be permitted open import and export free…

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Netanyahu: Isreal Will Not Talk While Hamas Fires Rockets

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By Nidal al-Mughrabi and Jeffrey Heller

GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel said on Sunday it was prepared for protracted military action in Gaza and would not return to Egyptian-mediated ceasefire talks as long as Palestinians kept up cross-border rocket and mortar fire.

The head of the Palestinian delegation in Cairo had said it would leave unless Israeli negotiators, who flew home on Friday hours before a three-day truce expired, came back to the talks. But Egypt’s state news agency, MENA, said the Palestinians would remain for an urgent meeting with the Arab League on Monday.

Israeli air strikes and shelling killed three Palestinians…

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