The Way Beethoven Wrote It…

Moonlight Sonata Played in Its Original Tempo

Ludwig van Beethoven\’s pieces have been a musical marvel of much discussion among lovers of classical perfomances. An important point of discussion is how fast or slow they should be played. In this video, world famous pianist Valentina Lisitsa plays \”Moonlight Sonata\” in what we speculate was its original tempo. It\’s quite incredible to hear.


This Erhu Music Will Take Your Heart Prisoner!

Delicate and Beautiful Erhu Performance

The erhu is a tranditional Chinese musical instrument that can produce beautiful, delicate sounds that are even more astounding considering it only has 2 strings. It has become popular in both Western and Eastern countries for the emotions it is able to evoke through its music. Listen to a terrific solo of the unique instrument.


This 5 Year Old Violinist Will Melt Your Heart!

A Performance to Melt Your Heart

André Rieu is one of the most famous violinists, even musicians, in the world. He is known for his creative and artful performances, and always has a surprise up his sleeve, to the delight of his audience. In this performance, he introduced, and plays with, a very special guest. Akim Kamare, a 5 year old violinst who has captured Rieu’s heart from the first time they met, and will surely do the same to yours…


Da Vinci Invention Played for the First Time!

Viola Organista Played After 500 Years!

The brilliant Leonardo Da Vinci designed many devices – he created the first plans for tanks and helicopters, designed devices for chemistry and engineering, and also – musical devices.

500 years ago, Da Vinci made plans for the \’Viola Organista\’, an instrument that combines the keyboard of a piano with the sound production mechanism of string instruments such as the cello or the violin.

Now, half a millennium later, the viola organista has been actually built, following the old genius\’s schematics. Hear the unearthly sound of a one-of-a-kind musical instrument. If you\’re a music lover, you\’re in for a treat – a new musical instrument that sounds like nothing else.