The Remarkable Body Art of Johannes Stotter!

Johaness Stoetter takes body art to new heights of creativity, transforming human models into fruits, animals, flowers or part of the environment itself, submerged into the background. She is the winner of the World Body-Painting Championship of 2012, and simply loves what shes doing.

When asked about her inspiration, she replied that she observes the world and its colors and nature with clear eyes and an open heart, and that painting is her greatest passion.


69 Years Later, We Still Remember This Day.

69 Years Later, Photos From Hitlers Bunker.

This week, 69 years ago, Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allied forces. This was the European end to the largest war ever fought in history, including up until today. So many lives lost in this awful war. It was during this week that Hitler was found dead, having taken the cowards way out. These are the historic photos of those that braved into the bunker of the most terrible man in history.