Turkey: “Zero Problems with Neighbors”

After losing Syria, Iran, Lebanon, and Egypt, Turkey has now lost Libya.

More U.S. politicians are realizing that their country’s old staunch ally, Turkey, has turned into an unstable, unreliable, authoritarian and part-time friend that has the habit of sending shipments of arms to Middle Eastern Islamists of a variety of radical behavior.


Arabs Blast “Obama’s Deal” with Iran

Many Arabs have expressed deep concern over the nuclear deal that was reached this week between Iran and the world powers, including the US.

Arab leaders and heads of state were polite enough not to voice public criticism of the agreement when President Barack Obama phoned them to inform them about it. But this has not stopped Arab politicians, political analysts and columnists reflecting government thinking in the Arab world from lashing out at what they describe as “Obama’s bad and dangerous deal with Iran.”


Who Are the Principal Violators of International Law?

In failing to adhere to international law, the United Nations has, as its principle violator, primarily itself.

The real dispute is not about a “Palestinian State.” It is about who has the right to the entire area. This is also the reason the Palestinians will never sign an “end of conflict” agreement.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to depict a world without Israel. This is to be done in stages, a “salami” tactic, by which any land acquired is to be used as a forward base from which to take the rest. The Phased Plan was never rescinded.


TV Debate: Cameron loses, Farage wins, Thick Britain reigns

The most disgraceful aspect to the BBC election debate was not that Prime Minister David Cameron didn’t turn up. That was a disgrace.

But far worse was the pathetic spectacle of the BBC, Sky and all the other mainstream media insiders not getting the point: there is a new politics on its way, and none among them and their crony insider friends was within a million miles of understanding that.

Obviously, Nigel Farage won. That’s because he had the audacity to tell the truth: about Europe; immigration; the economy; housing; and austerity.