Take Action for Raif Badawi Sentenced to Sub-human and Undeserved Punishment in Saudi Arabia

To German Vice Chancellor and Minister for Economic Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel:

As citizens around the world who are deeply concerned about imprisoned blogger Raif Badawi, we urge you to do everything you can to secure his swift and unconditional release and permission to exit the country. As a major arms exporter to Saudi Arabia, we call on you to cancel exports if countries do not uphold internationally recognised human rights. Your leadership now could both free Raif and champion an era of principled trade relations.



Muslims and Islam in Sports

Every religion permits its followers to invite new people to join it. We call it preaching or proselytizing. Traditionally, Muslims and Christians have preached everywhere; in some areas, however, such as international sports, religion, race and politics have historically been considered off-limits.

Now, it seems, Muslim players have begun violating this practice.


The Palestinians’ EU-Funded Campaign Against Israel

While Abbas was talking in Stockholm about his intentions to revive the peace talks with Israel, leaders of his Fatah faction in the West Bank were sending a completely different message to the Palestinians. They were not talking about any peace process with Israel. They were making statements that would only radicalize Palestinians and give them reason to hate Israel even more. They are leading their people toward eternal confrontation, and not reconciliation, with Israel.

The EU is not helping advance the cause of peace in the Middle East. On the contrary, the EU continues to turn a blind eye to the anti-Israel campaign, and is generously funding it through dozens of NGOs in the Palestinian territories.


Did Israel Open Dams to Flood Gaza?


Israel opened dams to flood Gaza


While it may come as no shock that Hamas officials will spin the news to slander Israel, the media is expected to check their facts before printing libelous propaganda as legitimate news. Following a major winter storm last week in Israel, a swath of the Gaza Strip flooded due to heavy precipitation. A Hamas official was quick to blame Israel, saying, “The occupation forces opened the Wadi Salqa dams to sink dozens of Palestinian homes in the central region of the Gaza Strip.”589 Other officials from Hamas were quick to confirm that Israel had opened dams in the Gaza region to purposely flood the Gazan countryside.