The euro versus democracy, Greek style

The Greek government’s wish to put the latest Euro area/IMF offer to voters for decision is a game changer. It has left a wounded and surprised Euro area fulminating against the way Greece behaves.

The European Central Bank with the support of the Euro area has cut off all supply of Euro support to Greek commercial banks. As a result we now have our third Euro, the Greek Euro.

Like the Cypriot Euro in their crisis, the Greek Euro is not freely convertible into the regular Euro as you cannot draw it out of a Greek bank when you want to. What kind of a currency is this European single currency, when the Central Bank does not stand properly behind all the banks in the system, and when in part of the zone they have to close the banks on a normal trading day?


Jihad on Churches: Muslim Persecution of Christians, March 2015

“Destroying churches is permissible — as long as the destruction does not bring harm to Muslims, such as false claims that Muslims are persecuting Christians….” — Dr. Yusuf al-Burhami, leading Salafi cleric, Egypt.

“The children were isolated and put in cages. Adults who do not deny their faith will be decapitated, and their children burned alive in the cages.” — Sister Monique of the Vincentian Daughters of Charity, Syria.

“[T]he police detained my son Zubair and tortured him in front of me. When Zubair cried with pain, they told him that he would be released only if I confess the theft…. I repeatedly told the police that I had no connection with the said theft, and then they threw me out of the police station… The next day we found Zubair’s dead body outside our house.” — Aysha Bibi, on the Pakistani police’s attempt to extract from her a confession to a theft she did not commit.


Demonic Possession

99999The flood of bloodletting, terror attacks, kidnapping, and beheadings is beyond belief.

We continue to search for rational explanations. Perhaps it’s time to consider that humankind is in the grip of demonic posession? Are we too “scientific” to consider the existence of evil as a force? Has the behavior of “the nations” opened the door to demonic forces? Is the world possessed?

* * *
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“Moderate” Indonesia: Islamic leaders win approval of forced marriages with children

There is no distinction between child marriage and slavery. If anything, child marriage is worse: the child, unlike an adult slave (or a slave with his or her parents around) is entirely at the mercy of her “husband.” But Muhammad married Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine, and that makes it right, and to be imitated by Muslims for all time.