‘Birthplace of civilization’ faces final ruin by jihadists

The destruction of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Palmyra would be an “enormous loss to humanity,” the head of the organization warned Thursday, after Islamic State fighters seized the ancient Syrian city and archaeological site.

” Palmyra is an extraordinary World Heritage site in the desert and any destruction to Palmyra (would be) not just a war crime but … an enormous loss to humanity,” said Irina Bokova in a video published by the Paris-based group.”


Islamic State seizes Syria’s last border crossing with Iraq

President Obama said the U.S. is not losing the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), even though the group took control of two major Middle East cities this week, reports The Hill’s Jordan Fabian.

“No, I don’t think we’re losing,” Obama said in an interview with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg.

Either Obama is evil or he needs a psychiatric intervention — yesterday. It’s the former, and I called it in 2009.


“No Big Difference between Iran and ISIS”

“According to our reports, the number of executions has increased by 30% since Rouhani became president. On average more than two people have been executed each day since his election.

“The main change since the start of Rouhani’s presidency is Iran’s foreign policy towards the West.

“Their rhetoric has changed. But human rights have not improved.”


Should I buy a Windows 8.1 PC now or wait for Windows 10?

Will Windows 10 Pro cost more if I wait for the release of Windows 10? I can buy a Windows 8.1 machine and wait for a free Windows 10 upgrade, but would I be penalised for waiting to buy a laptop with Windows 10 already installed? Bryant

It’s hard to get cheaper than free. Of course, we don’t know what sort of laptops the manufacturers are going to offer with Windows 10, how much they will differ from current models, and how much they will cost. However, Microsoft seems unlikely to charge hardware manufacturers more for Windows 10 than it does for Windows 8.


Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Hussein Obama Wants You to Watch Her Workout Video

Exit question: why do liberals keep telling us that Michelle Obama is “kicking ass” in this video when she isn’t? Maybe it’s because, in real life, we’re getting our ass kicked because of the Obamas.


Erdogan’s Dream: The Sultan Rules

Erdogan is not happy with the powers the Turkish constitution grants him. He wants more.

Once he has given orders, there should not be judicial, constitutional or parliamentary checks and balances. He will become the first ballot-box Sultan of the Turkish Empire of his dreams.