Palestinian Diplomatic Warfare Escalating West Bank Tensions

As tensions in the West Bank between Israel and the Palestinians continue to grow, the West Bank is now the least stable arena in Israel’s environment, and the risk of a new, large-scale wave of violence breaking out in this area next month is rising steadily.

Already, IDF personnel serving in the West Bank have noted a significant spike in violent incidents across their sector of operation.

In recent days, for example, an IDF unit in the West Bank spotted two Palestinian men hurling firebombs at Israeli traffic near the city of Nablus, and opened fire, killing one of the attackers and injuring the other.


Blaming the Jews for Fun and Profit

Thomas Friedman of The New York Times does not want Israel mucking in American policy-making toward Iran, and so counsels Prime Minister Netanyahu to cancel his planned speech to the U.S. Congress. He seems to believe Iran’s determined march toward nuclear weapons and genocidal rhetoric about Israel, in fact, has nothing to do with Israel, and that Israel should avoid getting in America’s way. But understand that Friedman is only trying to protect Israel.


Bad News: Davutoglu Wants “New Middle East”

When, in a recent speech, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu pledged to defend all faiths, “even Buddhism,” a Buddhist friend sent a message saying that: “I understand we were wrong to feel safe from the wrath of Turkish Islamists’ Sunni supremacy. Judging from how they wanted to crush every other faith, including different disciples of Islam, while faking to respect them I now worry about the Buddhist faith.”

Echoing the Buddhist friend’s fear and commenting on Davutoglu’s most recent remarks on the making of a new Middle East, an EU ambassador told this author in a telephone conversation: “I think we should be worried again.”


The Palestinians and Israeli Elections

So far, the Palestinians have shown little interest, if any at all, in the upcoming Israeli elections, slated for March 17.

But if there is one thing most Palestinians would like to see, it is the removal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and right-wing parties from power.

The Palestinians, in many ways, seem to have joined the “Just Not Bibi” (Netanyahu’s nickname), or “Anyone But Bibi,” campaign launched by the heads of his rival Zionist Camp, Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni.


Turkey’s Bad Joke: Crocodile Tears for Victims of Holocaust

It all looks nice. It isn’t.

On Muslim Brotherhood channels based in Turkey, Egyptian clerics and commentators called for the murder of Egypt’s President Abdel Fatteh al-Sisi and the journalists who support him.

Under the nice wrappings of Holocaust Remembrance Day, there is an entirely different Turkey.

Perhaps he thinks the Holocaust, too, happened because of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.