Morning Briefing – The Telegraph

Good morning. On Friday, Nigel Farage put his tanks on Ed Miliband’s lawn. On Saturday, the defection of Mark Reckless set off a thermonuclear device over David Cameron’s porch.

“Tory Crisis” is our splash. The question being asked in Westminster – and here in Birmingham, where the Conservatives are gathering for their annual conference – is this: are there more on the way? That it was Mark Reckless who was the subject of a well-publicised lunch with Michael Gove has highlighted the powerlessness of the Conservative leadership to stop the bleeding.

Meanwhile, to make matters worse for the PM, Brooks Newmark, the minister for civil society, has resigned following a sting by the Sunday Mirror. “Sex scandal and defector stun Tories” is the Sunday Times’ headline. “Ukip defection and ‘sexting’ scandal cause Tory chaos” is the Observer’s take. “Minister forced To Quit Over Internet Sex Shame” is the Mail’s line.

What does it mean? Among other things, it means the party that William Hague in an interview with Tim Ross calls “the weakest opposition front bench in my 26 years in Parliament” is on course to form the next government. The PM’s task this week was to find a way to broaden his appeal to secure a majority without losing more votes to Ukip. But it looks a far trickier assignment this morning than it did when Ed Miliband finished speaking on Tuesday.


“We’re in. How do we get out?” is the Sindy’s splash this morning. British participation in the US-led coalition against Isil has barely begun and already minds are turning to a second vote in Westminster. Few expect that operations within Iraq alone will be sufficient to destroy or even significantly cripple Isil, as Lord Dannatt, former Chief of the General Staff, outlines in today’s Sunday Telegraph. Westminster’s doves are determined not to be outnumbered next time, and they’re already on the march. Lord Prescott uses his column in the Sunday Mirror to warn against repeating the mistakes of history.


The benefits cap will be slashed by £3,000 to £23,000 if the Conservatives win the next election, David Cameron says in an interview with Tim Shipman in the Times. 16-21 year olds will be forced to do community work after six months of work. “Our ambition is to abolish youth employment and make it the case that it’s simply not possibly any-more to finish school, leave home, sign on and get a flat through housing benefit,” the PM says.


Up to 12 schools in the east London borough of Tower Hamlets face investigation after claims they have fallen under the influence of Islamic fundamentalists, Sian Griffiths and Richard Kerbaj report in the Sunday Times. Whitehall is even more concerned about that London borough than matters in Birmingham, as they fear that Muslim extremists are more deeply embedded within local institutions than they are in Birmingham. Ofsted’s reports from the lightning inspections that followed the Trojan Horse are expected to be published shortly. Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of Ofsted, warns in an interview with the Times that problems in Birmingham are “far from resolved”.


Local authorities are withholding information about foster children in order to make them easier to place, Jonathan Owen reveals in the Sindy. In one instance, a family with six cats were not informed that a child who was placed with them had killed cats previously, while a household with a railway at the back of the garden were not informed that a child had talked of committing suicide by jumping in front of a train. The Fostering Network, a charity, wants a greater commitment to transparency from local government.


Gatwick’s vision is of two world-class airports in London helping to connect the country to the rest of the world. We want to see Gatwick grow, and Heathrow improve. As connections to emerging markets become more important, and the UK’s core European markets continue to grow, we need a network of airports, enabling London to function as a true global city and our economy and tourism to thrive as a result.


Nadhim Zahawi talks with Jane Merrick in the Sindy about how his father’s bankruptcy, which forced the family into penury and forced Mr Zahawi to work as a cab driver instead of going to university has fired his support for the education reforms of Michael Gove and Nicky Morgan. Mr Zahawi, who eventually went to University College London to study electrical engineering, says that it was only his mother’s education that brought them back for the brink: “My mother was a dentist. We had a half-decent education. We are able to sit down and work our way through this disaster…many of my left-leaning friends will say you can’t tackle education until you tackle the challenge of poverty.”


Lord Heseltine is interviewed by Andrew Rawnsley and Toby Helm for the Observer. He warns the Conservative Party that, far from reversing the modernisation project, they must go further if they are to recover their fortunes in Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool and Sheffield, cities that were once Tory-run and have now been “rinsed of blues”. And he strikes a note of qualified praise for Boris Johnson, say he has “charisma” and an “ability to communicate”, but: “he has the luxury of not being in power in the sense that there’s a national government to carry the flag. That’s quite an advantage.” Could the Mayor of London step up to being PM? “He’s going to have to go through the return to parliament, the possible immersion in a Conservative government, so there’s an unwritten couple of chapters before one answers that question.”


George Osborne talks life in Number 11 Downing Street with Geordie Greig and Simon Walters in the Mail on Sunday. The Chancellor reveals his fondness for Leon cookery books, as well as the work of Jamie Oliver, particularly the “beer-butt chicken”. It’s “a bit rude when you see the picture of it, but it’s delicious,” he says, “You roast – and put a can of beer up the backside of – the chicken.” Mr Osborne also watches the Great British Bake-Off with his 11-year-old daughter Liberty and helps her out as she bakes in the kitchen.

What Does Hamas Really Want?

Hamass long-term ambitions are indistinguishable from those of Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

Hamas will now focus on its next goal — trying to strengthen its presence in the West Bank and eventually toppling the Palestinian Authority from power there, just as it did in Gaza. If Israel were to withdraw from the West Bank, Hamas would certainly find such a goal easier to accomplish.

Nothing keeps the flames of jihad alight, and Hamass popularity secure, like frequent wars.


Islam and the “Killing of Innocents”

“No religion condones the killing of innocents.” — U.S. President Barack Obama, September 10, 2014.

“Islam is a religion of peace.” — U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, September 13, 2014.

“There is a place for violence in Islam. There is a place for jihad in Islam.” — U.K. Imam Anjem Choudary, CBN News, April 5, 2010.

Regrettably it is impossible to re-interpret the Quran in a “moderate” manner. The most famous modern interpretation by Sayyid Qutb d. 1966, the Muslim Brotherhood ideologue, leads the reader again and again into political territory, where jihad is at the root of action.

If they deviated from the true faith — as we are seeing in the Islamic State today — “backsliders,” like pagans, were to be fought until they either accepted Islam or were killed.

In India alone, between 60 and 80 million Hindus may have been put to death by Muslim armies between the years 1000-1525.


The United Nations: Worlds Leading Purveyor of Antisemitism

Why couldnt the UN… sponsor a conference on combating global antisemitism?

In theory the UN Charter demands equality of… nations large and small. In reality the UN mass-produces inequality for Jews and the Jewish nation.

The UN has launched a “legal” pogrom against the Jewish state. A “legal” pogrom is a license to kill.

Modern antisemitism targets Israels exercise of the right of self-defense because self-defense is the essence of sovereignty.


Terror Tunnels: The Case for Israels Just War Against Hamas – Chapter 1

President George W. Bushs announcement in 2001 to support the creation of a Palestinian state offered a unique opportunity to Palestinians to end the violence and begin building a new future. Hamass response came a few weeks later, when it fired the first Qassam rocket into the Israeli town of Sderot, population approximately 20,000.

It was only after Hamass coup in June 2007, and the heavy rocket attacks that followed, that Israel imposed more extensive sanctions on Gaza. Palestinian rocket attacks against Israeli civilians were not a response to Gazas increasing isolation, but the cause.

The sanctions imposed on Gaza — not only by Israel, but the world — were the direct result of Hamass refusal to meet the international communitys basic, reasonable demands: stop terror, recognize Israel, and respect previous agreements. Hamas and its fellow terrorist organizations deny the right to live in peace.

The Goldstone Report not only falsified the past; it had a negative influence by encouraging Hamas to repeat its own double war crimes: firing rockets at Israeli civilians from behind Palestinian human shields — and killing and kidnapping Israeli civilians and soldiers through its terrorist tunnels.


Evaluating Mahmoud Abbas – And How to Relate to Him

Everything has now gone wrong for Abbas. The destruction in Gaza matches the destruction of the Second Intifada, precisely what Abbas deplored in respect of Arafat. Hamas exploited the formation of the unity government for a scheme to overthrow Abbas in the West Bank. Haniyeh is projected to defeat him by 61% to 32% in the upcoming election for the Palestinian presidency.

Israeli politicians who propose to renew peace negotiations, with Abbas or whomever, are advised to make two basic stipulations. First, that Israel will negotiate only with a Palestinian government that officially recognizes its obligation to demilitarize Gaza. Second, that no agreements can be signed until the Palestinians hold the projected elections for their parliament and presidency — and the outcome is known.


Germanys “Sharia Police”

According to Burkhard Freier, the director of domestic intelligence for North Rhine-Westphalia, German Salafists are increasingly inclined to use violence to achieve their aims, and many have travelled to Iraq or Syria to obtain combat training.

“The intention of these people is to provoke and intimidate and force their ideology upon others. We will not permit this.” — Wuppertal Mayor Peter Jung.

“In Germany, German law is determinative, not Sharia law.” — Christian Democratic Union CDU politician Volker Kauder.

Salafist ideology posits that Sharia law is superior to all secular laws because it emanates from Allah, the only legitimate lawgiver, and thus is legally binding for all of humanity. According to the Salafist worldview, democracy is an effort to elevate the will of human beings above the will of Allah