UNRWA Teacher Posts Blood Libel Cartoon

An UNRWA teacher in Jordan, Nasreen Hammoud, posted this cartoon on Facebook showing a Jew (with an American fork) cutting up and eating a Palestinian child while drinking his blood.

Does this violate UNRWA’s alleged “neutrality” requirements for employees? Of course it does.


“You cannot be pregnant without permission of Muslim master who pay you”

“Muslim attackers when beating a pregnant Christian woman were loudly saying ‘You cannot be pregnant without permission of Muslim master who pay you.’” And the Christians have no recourse: the Pakistani authorities are Muslims and side with the attackers. This is an ongoing human rights abuse. But Muslims are the perpetrators, not the victims, so human rights organizations look the other way.


Lower tax rates do bring in more revenue

If you look at the self assessment income tax receipts which include much of the top rate tax collected, you see that over the four years of 50 percent top rate self assessment income tax came in around £20.5bn a year.This was £2bn or 10 percent lower than the levels of 2007-8 and 2008-9 when the top rate was 40 percent.Last year was the first year that self assessment income tax has gone to higher levels, reaching £23.6bn at the 45p top rate. This July saw further strong upwards movement in self assessment income tax, with growth of 17 percent over July the previous year.


Mass Immigration and the Undoing of Europe

With the European Union surrendering its immigration policy to people smugglers, the immigration crisis in Europe keeps reaching staggering new heights. The word has gone out that Fortress Europe is scalable. From Morocco to Turkey, people smuggling has turned into an irresistibly big business.

From small-time thugs to the terror outfit Hamas — for $2500-$3000 per person smuggled — many evidently want to seize a slice of this lucrative business that was created by the EU’s collective inaction.

In Germany, where traffickers are now dropping off illegal immigrants on Autobahns, authorities have reacted — not by trying to intercept or discourage the traffickers, but by putting new road-signs alerting drivers of potential pedestrians on the highway.


Lebanon, the Country that has Turned into a Garbage Dump – Israel News

Sanitation services in Beirut have been at a standstill for several weeks due to labor disputes and endless arguments about the proposed location of garbage dumps. No one in the city will agree to having a dump in his backyard and for that matter, anywhere in his neighborhood. Thousands of tons of smelly trash are piled up in the city, and the hot weather that has hit the area over the last few weeks has made them even more unbearable than usual. A joke going around Beirut says that the price of clothespins is rising, as people have been buying them to stop up their noses.

The trash problem is also the result of a non-functioning officialdom. The government of Tamam Salam does not seem to be able to make any decisions, the parliament has not been able to appoint a president for over a year, and even the parliamentary elections have been put off in the legal vacuum that prevails. Lebanon is barely functioning, its citizens have no recourse. Their protest against the sanitation removal situation is really a protest against their dysfunctional state.


Morning Briefing – The Telegraph

Good morning.

As many Britons return from their holidays, David Cameron is off around Europe this week to continue his renegotiation battle. Europe’s migration crisis, which you may think would help the case for a British no vote, might just work in the Prime Minister’s favour as Germany has floated the idea of curbs to free movement rules – a Cameron demand – as a solution. EU politicians have previously rubbished such an idea, insisting that free movement is “fundamental”, but now we report that Angela Merkel has suggested that the EU may need to bring back border controls.

David Cameron is still far from home and dry, with the FT splashing on his decision to scrap demands for a British opt out from EU labour rules. The move will give trade unions more reason to support his renegotiated terms of EU membership in the referendum as part of the “Yes” campaign. It may also save him from having to face the populist might of Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage arguing – together – for Brexit. The Ukip leader has already indicated his party will launch its own anti-EU campaign, but may now find it harder to win left-wing support.

However, Cameron’s climb-down on excluding Britain from the full rage of EU employment and social laws risks disappointing many Eurosceptics. Some of them will remember Cameron’s promise in 2009 that a Tory government would “want to negotiate the return of Britain’s opt-out from social and employment legislation”. Will these words haunt him? Boris Johnson has been quick off the mark, calling the FT’s report “very disappointing” and hinting that he could vote to leave the EU.

The Prime Minister’s team may have been feeling breezily confident in recent weeks as focus has been on Labour’s nervous breakdown over Jeremy Corbyn’s rise. But after the Labour leadership election is over, Tory unity will be tested as David Cameron’s renegotiation continues. With the Prime Minister potentially facing down MEPs over his renegotiation plans this autumn, the battle is far from over.


After appearing to ditch his £1.50 vest in favour of an ironed blue shirt, Jeremy Corbyn is sporting his trademark vests once more. “Well done, Mr Corbyn, for rejecting the PR-crazed image-makers and keeping the vest,” we say. “You may be a misguided ideologue who will lead your party to ruin, but at least you’ll be cosy and warm as you do it.”


A new batch of e-mails have been released which show Hillary Clinton received a stream of warnings about senior Conservative figures in the days after they took power in the 2010 election. Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime friend of Mrs Clinton’s and a Labour ally, told the then-US secretary of state that David Cameron would be “no partner” to the US on the global economy and that William Hague would be “disingenuous” in his dealings with her. You can read more details about the Clinton correspondence – including details of a “cynical double game” by Peter Mandelson to become foreign secretary if Labour survived the 2010 election.


David Cameron refused to give the job of Culture Secretary to anybody who would be “soft on the BBC”, a minister has suggested. Anna Soubry, the minister for small business who attends Cabinet meetings, indicated that the Prime Minister appointed John Whittingdale as Culture Secretary in his post-election reshuffle because he knew that he would be tough on the BBC.


Scotland’s shopkeepers have warned Nicola Sturgeon that increasing income tax would backfire on the public purse as she promised to start spelling out how she intends to use Holyrood’s new powers in her programme for government today, Simon Johnson reports. The Scottish Retail Consortium (SRC) said increasing the levy would reduce Scots’ disposable incomes and cast a “pall” over consumer confidence, thereby reducing their spending levels and damaging the Scottish economy.


A Conservative councillor is being investigated by council chiefs after sharing a photo of a boat full of 14 naked women with a caption reading: “If Carlsberg did illegal immigrants.” Mike Kusneraitis, on the Tory-run Runnymede Borough Council in Surrey, said he should be judged on his actions in the community, not by “misjudged postings on social media”.

Scholars catch up to Robert Spencer, realize ancient Qur’an challenges Islam’s origins

“Fragments of the world’s oldest Koran, found in Birmingham last month, may predate the Prophet Muhammad and could even rewrite the early history of Islam, according to scholars.” That’s the lead paragraph of the story below, which is dated today. The implication is that the text existed before it became part of the Qur’an — which would completely demolish the Islamic claim that the Qur’an was delivered in perfect form through Gabriel from Allah to Muhammad, and wasn’t based on any source texts at all.