Hungary’s Migrant Crisis Ends, Europe’s Has Just Begun

Earlier this year, Hungary’s ferociously articulate Prime Minister Viktor Orbán became the bête noir of European politics. Since then, Orbán has transitioned from being castigated as a threat to European values, into the most recognized defender of his continent’s Christian identity.

In a Europe whose central policy-makers seem in thrall to multiculturalism, Hungarians, after centuries of invasions and attempted invasions, appear unapologetically immune to political correctness. Even in their language, the colloquial phrase for communicating with the bluntest possible candor is magyarul mondva, literally “speaking in Hungarian.”

As over 400,000 predominantly Muslim migrants crossed illegally into Hungary before the completion of a border fence — which ground such incursions to an effective halt by the end of October — there has been a sanctimonious effort in the world’s press either to mischaracterize realities on the ground, or omit them altogether.

The concealment of sobering truths, openly reported in Hungary – ironically a nation whose press freedom has been criticized under Orbán’s leadership – can only have serious long-term consequences, in migrant-friendly countries such as Belgium, Sweden and Germany, especially the scale.


Obama Wants to Defeat America, Not ISIS

Last year at a NATO summit, Obama explicitly disavowed the idea of containing ISIS. “You can’t contain an organization that is running roughshod through that much territory, causing that much havoc, displacing that many people, killing that many innocents, enslaving that many women,” he said.

Instead he argued, “The goal has to be to dismantle them.”

Just before the Paris massacre, Obama shifted back to containment. “From the start, our goal has been first to contain them, and we have contained them,” he said.

Pay no attention to what he said last year. There’s a new message now. Last year Obama was vowing to destroy ISIS. Now he had settled for containing them. And he couldn’t even manage that.

ISIS has expanded into Libya and Yemen. It struck deep into the heart of Europe as one of its refugee suicide bombers appeared to have targeted the President of France and the Foreign Minister of Germany. That’s the opposite of a terrorist organization that had been successfully contained.


Saudi Arabia said planning to execute over 50 people

Saudi Arabia is planning to execute more than 50 people convicted of terrorism, the Guardian reported Friday, in what the paper called a possible “warning to would-be” jihadists.

Local paper Okaz reported that 55 people are awaiting execution for “terrorist crimes” in which more than 100 civilians and 71 members of the security forces in the country were killed. The paper did not give a date for any of the executions.

On Monday another Saudi paper reported that 52 people would be executed, but, the Guardian said, the report was quickly withdrawn from its website.

Among those facing the death penalty are people affiliated with al-Qaeda, while others hail from Awamiya, a town in the kingdom’s Eastern Province with a large Shiite minority.


Sharia in the UK: Girl not allowed extra math classes because she didn’t wear hijab

Authorities are investigating this school, while bringing in thousands more Muslims, who will set up more schools like this (or take over other schools and transform them the way they did this one). Do they really think that other Muslim schools will readily teach British values and not act in the way Park View School officials acted? Are UK authorities really unaware that this mistreatment of female students and banning of representational art and instrumental music is in accord with sharia, and thus they will inevitably have many, many more “Trojan Horse” schools?


Sex Trafficking: The Abuse of Our Time

Esperanza was a sixteen-year-old girl when she was brutally raped by a man named Rey. He forced her to become a sex slave, and eventually brought her to New York, where she was raped, beaten and threatened in brothels day after day

Like so many other trafficking victims, Esperanza could not speak English. A man who saw the bruises on her body connected her with Safe Horizon, a program that specializes in helping trafficking victims; they helped to rescue her.

On the other side of the world from Esperanza, Sina Vann, in Cambodia, was taken as a sex slave when she was 13.

Sina and the other girls were kept in underground cages — not able to see the difference between night and day. They were then brought into a room where they were raped by man after man.

Sina was rescued in a raid organized by a former sex slave, Somaly Mam, who now runs an anti-trafficking program.


The Indonesian Jihad on Christian Churches

In compliance with Islamic demands, Indonesian authorities in the Aceh region have started to tear down Christian churches. Their move comes after Muslim mobs rampaged and attacked churches. At least one person was killed; thousands of Christians were displaced.

On Friday, October 9, after being fired up during mosque sermons, hundreds of Muslims marched to the local authority’s office and demanded that all unregistered churches in Aceh be closed. Imams issued text messages spurring Muslims from other areas to rise up against churches and call for their demolition.

On Monday, October 12, authorities facilitated a meeting with Islamic leaders and agreed to demolish 10 unregistered churches over the course of two weeks.

Apparently this was not fast enough to meet Muslim demands for immediate action. On the following day, a mob of approximately 700 Muslims, some armed with axes and machetes, torched a local church, even though it was not on the list of churches agreed upon for demolition.


In 2008, Israeli PM Ehud Olmert Made a Proposal to Mahmoud Abbas Over Land. A Reporter Got the Scoop, But It Was Blocked.

In September 2008, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas a map, a proposal that would give the Palestinians 93.7 percent of the West Bank, with Israeli territory to make up 5.8 percent, and a corridor to Gaza from the West Bank for the other 0.5 percent. Olmert insisted that Abbas initial the map before taking it. It was clear that this was Israel’s final offer. Abbas rejected it. He never met Olmert again.

Israel wanted to keep this failed negotiation a secret. The Palestinians had other interests, however, and that’s how I discovered the offer. This has been my news story since 2009. Then, media bias killed it. Now, the crippled state of media in the Internet era almost killed it. Almost.

In March 2009, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat was interviewed in Arabic on Al-Jazeera. When I saw the MEMRI translation I immediately understood its significance: Erekat disclosed that Abbas had turned down an offer that would have given the Palestinians a state in almost all of the West Bank, all of Gaza, and parts of Jerusalem. Then I found out about the map. No one else had the story.

Excited about this scoop, I raced into my bureau chief’s office at the AP in Jerusalem. Imagine my shock when I was told it’s not a story—and I was banned from writing about it. It just couldn’t be a legitimate story, in line with the new definition of journalism.