Shell Oil Comments – A MUST READ!

Safety Alert!

Here’s some reasons why we don’t allow cell phones in operating areas, propylene oxide handling and storage area, propane, gas and diesel refueling areas.

The Shell Oil Company recently issued a warning after three incidents in which mobile phones (cell phones) ignited fumes during fueling operations.

In the first case, the phone was placed on the car’s trunk lid during fueling; it rang and the ensuing fire destroyed the car and the gasoline pump.

In the second, an individual suffered severe burns to their face when fumes ignited as they answered a call while refueling their car!

And in the third, an individual suffered burns to the thigh and groin as fumes ignited when the phone, which was in their pocket, rang while they were fueling their car. Mobile phones that light up when switched on or when they ring release enough energy to provide a spark for ignition

Mobile phones should not be used in filling stations, or when fueling lawn mowers, boat, etc.

Mobile phones should not be used, or should be turned off, around other materials that generate flammable or explosive fumes or dust, (I.e., solvents, chemicals, gases, grain dust, etc…)

TO sum it up, here are the Four Rules for Safe Refueling:

1) Turn off engine

2) Don’t smoke

3) Don’t use your cell phone – leave it inside the vehicle or turn it off

4) Don’t re-enter your vehicle during fueling.

Bob Renkes of Petroleum Equipment Institute is working on a campaign to try and make people aware of fires as a result of ‘static electricity’ at gas pumps. His company has researched 150 cases of these fires. His results were very surprising:

1) Out of 150 cases, almost all of them were women.

2) Almost all cases involved the person getting back in their vehicle while the nozzle was still pumping gas. When finished, they went back to pull the nozzle out and the fire started, as a result of static.

3) Most had on rubber-soled shoes.

4) Most men never get back in their vehicle until completely finished. This is why they are seldom involved in these types of fires.

5) Don’t ever use cell phones when pumping gas

6) It is the vapors that come out of the gas that cause the fire, when connected with static charges.

7) There were 29 fires where the vehicle was re-entered and the nozzle was touched during refueling from a variety of makes and models. Some resulted in extensive damage to the vehicle, to the station, and to the customer.

8) Seventeen fires occurred before, during or immediately after the gas cap was removed and before fueling began.

Mr. Renkes stresses to NEVER get back into your vehicle while filling it with gas. If you absolutely HAVE to get in your vehicle while the gas is pumping, make sure you get out, close the door TOUCHING THE METAL, before you ever pull the nozzle out. This way the static from your body will be discharged before you ever remove the nozzle. As I mentioned earlier, The Petroleum Equipment Institute, along with several other companies now, are really trying to make the public aware of this danger.

I ask you to please send this information to ALL your family and friends, especially those who have kids in the car with them while pumping gas. If this were to happen to them, they may not be able to get the children out in time.

Thanks for passing this along.

The Doctrine of Proportionality

Proportionality in international law is not about equality of death or civilian suffering, or even about [equality of] firepower. Proportionality weighs the necessity of a military action against suffering that the action might cause to enemy civilians in the vicinity.

“Under international humanitarian law and the Rome Statute, the death of civilians during an armed conflict, no matter how grave and regrettable does not constitute a war crime…. even when it is known that some civilian deaths or injuries will occur. A crime occurs if there is an intentional attack directed against civilians principle of distinction or an attack is launched on a military objective in the knowledge that the incidental civilian injuries would be clearly excessive in relation to the anticipated military advantage principle of proportionality.” — Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Chief Prosecutor, International Criminal Court.

“The greater the military advantage anticipated, the larger the amount of collateral damage — often civilian casualties — which will be “justified” and “necessary.” — Dr. Françoise Hampton, University of Essex, UK.


Tunisia, a Muslim Nation, Does What US Doesn’t Have the Guts To But Should Or We’ll Die

Tunisian authorities say all mosques and media calling for jihad are to be immediately closed in a bid to end a radical movement they fear will derail the nation’s move to democracy. A statement early Sunday announced the closing of mosques operating outside control of the Religious Affairs Ministry and places of worship that celebrated the killings last week of 15 Tunisian soldiers near the Algerian border. The government also announced the closing of unlicensed TV and radio stations that call for jihad and declare some people infidels.


The British people want out of Europe. Thank goodness our new Foreign Secretary realises that

They wont like it at the Foreign Office. Not only has the new Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, given a straight answer to a straight question. He’s said that he would be prepared to vote to leave the EU if things dont change.

Hammond is not just the first Foreign Secretary to say that exit is an option. He has also made it clear that the current terms of our EU membership are not in our interest.

There could be some interesting conversations with the Sir Humphreys in his department this morning. It will be interesting to see if Hammond remains resolute, or if he begins to buckle to the views to the big Whitehall bureaucracy.


MH17: Relatives of British victims criticise treatment by Malaysia Airlines

Relatives of the British victims of Flight MH17 have attacked Malaysia Airlines for the “terrible” way they dealt with bereaved families following the tragedy.

Jordan Withers, whose uncle Glenn Thomas died when the passenger jet was downed over Ukraine on Thursday, said he was “disgusted” with how they had been treated.

He said despite repeated calls to the company, the family was only contacted on Sunday evening, some three days after the incident.

He said even on the day it took him “hours” just to clarify whether his uncle was on board the plane.


Why Hamas Said No to Egypts Sisi

Hamas is probably interested in a cease fire, but not one that would bolster the standing of Sisi. Hamas is now aiming to replace Egypt with Qatar and Turkey. It now remains to be seen whether Qatar and Turkey will be able to save Hamas.


Benedict Brogan – The Telegraph

Good morning. The fallout from the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 continues.

The apparent seizure of flight recorders by pro-Russian separatists and their transport to Moscow is fueling fears of a cover-up by Moscow. John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, has said it looks “pretty clear” that the weapons system that is suspected to have shot down the plane was transferred from Russia into the hands of the separatists.

Meanwhile, the relatives of the deceased face the prospect of their bodies – also packed up and shipped off, seemingly to Moscow – being used as a bargaining chip by the Kremlin. David Cameron has told Vladimir Putin that he is partly responsible for the tragedy. The PM has threatened Mr Putin and his “cronies” with further sanctions unless Russia withdraws its support for the rebels.
The “Russian question” still seems beyond European policymakers – in London as much as Paris and Berlin. Philip Hammond issued a warning to Mr Putin on the Marr show yesterday; but it’s his continuing opposition to the status quo in Brussels that takes the headlines. Against the backdrop of the Russian threat, it’s hard not to wonder if the greatest problem facing Britain in Europe today is not the EU’s continuing appetite for federalism, as shown by its appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker. It’s in EUROPE’s enduring refusal to confront Russia, as shown by the defeat of the hawkish Pole Radek Sikorski in his bid to become the EU’s foreign policy chief, which took place with barely a murmur from the Foreign Office.


The Guardian has a profile of Michael Gove, tracing his rise from scholarship boy at Robert Gordon’s, to the Times and eventually the Department for Education. It was his “columnist’s itch to be interesting” that led him to one battle too many, is Tom Clark’s conclusion. Nicky Morgan’s brief is effectively to be Mr Gove – but without being quite so interesting. She faces Tristram Hunt in the Commons today. Her Labour shadow’s task is to prove that Ms Morgan isn’t so different from Mr Gove. He’ll have been cheered by Ms Morgan’s Sunday Times interview, reported today in the Mirror – “Bride of Gove” is the Mirror’s enlightened sobriquet for the new Education Secretary. Labour feel it was Mr Gove’s support for unqualified teachers and opposition to termtime holidays, both of which “cut through” in the focus groups that made him so unpopular, not his eye for a wounding phrase. Today marks the beginning of Ms Morgan’s – who is committed to both policies – attempt to prove them wrong.


The Scottish Affairs select committee has kiboshed Alex Salmond’s claim that George Osborne and Ed Balls will relent on the question of the currency union. “This parrot is dead,” said committee chairman Ian Davidson as he unveiled the report, “No ifs, no buts, no fudges, no deals.” (Simon Johnson has the story.) In further bad news for the First Minister, he’s lost his long-running battle with the Telegraph to keep the list of five-star hotels where he and his ministers have jollied during foreign trips – the much-delayed response to the Telegraph’s FOI reveals that Mr Salmond and his ministers have spent £56,652 at 183 overseas hotels since taking power in 2007 – 64 of which were five-star and a further 100 four-star. (The details are here.)


Nick Clegg is under fire after he spent three hours downing tequila, sipping a cocktail and learning how to bake a cake while negotiations were ongoing into the crisis in Ukraine, Matt Holehouse reports. It’s not as exciting as it sounds. It’s the DPM’s appearance on the Channel 4 programme “Sunday Brunch” that is raising eyebrows. Remember that Mr Clegg is a member of the National Security Council and notionally the second man in Whitehall. The Mail is unimpressed. “How Mr Cameron must benefit from the gravitas, dedication and diplomatic skills of this mighty statesman” is their leader’s withering verdict. Also having a go is Grant Shapps – the Lib Dem u-turn on the bedroom tax is “utterly spineless”, he says.


“Job Centres Out Of A Job”! Private firms and charities could take over the state-run centres’ role in a radical overhaul being looked at in the next Conservative manifesto, Tom Newton Dunn reports in the Sun. It’s being pushed by figures close to George Osborne, Tom says, who believe it will boost the Conservative drive to reduce youth employment. Senior Tories are reported to have been won over by the arguments made in a new Policy Exchange report, released today. A source close to IDS, however, fear that the plan looks “expensive and complicated”.


There’s “no worse way of spending a summer weekend that doesn’t involve a painful medical procedure,” ex-Labour staffer Steve van Riel says of Labour’s National Policy Forum in today’s FT. It ended well for the leadership, though with activists and trade union delegates endorsing a commitment to match the Coalition’s spending plans for 2015-16 and rubberstamping the much-reported compromise where, instead of full nationalisation, a state-run provider will bid for the right to take over rail franchises as they lapse. It’s a particular victory for Ed Balls’ economic plans in the face of noises off from the trade unions and party activists.


Domnic Grieve warned that leaving the European Court of Human Rights would lead to more diktats from Brussels, not less, in an interview with Sky News’ Dominic Murnaghan yesterday. He also suggested that his dismissal may have been a bid to appease Ukip. Ken Clarke, meanwhile, seems to be enjoying his newfound freedom. He gave a unusually frank interview with Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer – the recovery is unbalanced, Dave’s administration is too right-wing on crime and there’s little chance of a majority are some of the highlights. Owen Paterson’s broadside against the “Green Blob” of environmentalist charities, the Green Party, climate scientists in yesterday’s Telegraph is widely reported. Meanwhile, the defenestrated Cabinet minister has also joined Twitter. Could trouble be brewing?


Szu Ping Chan sat down with Robert Chote of the OBR. Among the revelations – the plants in the OBR’s offices aren’t government-funded, dinners with his wife, Treasury mandarin Sharon White rarely stray across work, and the squeeze on public services is far from over.


Bumper profits are not being passed onto consumers because of Ed Miliband’s meddling, the “Big Six” energy companies tell the Mail. “Companies will not want to be locked into a lower price,” one senior executive says. “This was always a fear when Labour announced their proposal,” says Peter Lilley, a member of the Commons Energy and Climate Change select committee. “This doesn’t surprise me at all,” says Peter Atherton, an energy analyst.

Work Out Less and Look Younger!

Still Look Younger!

Steve Holman, author and creator of the F4X Workout Plan and the book, Old School, New Body, was the editor-in-chief of the Iron Man Magazine, a leader in the fitness magazines for many years now. He has met and worked with the most professional of gym and fitness trainers, and along with his wife, Becky, developed a work out plan that is healthy, time saving, and can make you look a decade younger than you are. It is specifically targeted for individuals aged 40 and up but is recommended for any age, and is guaranteed to show a difference in just a matter of days!


The Greatest Possible Problem for Europe

There are now at least twice as many young British Muslims who have gone to Syria to fight alongside ISIS and other such groups than there are (British Muslims) fighting for Queen and country here in the British armed forces.

The Israel-haters are no real problem for Israel, but they are the greatest possible problem for Europe.


As the West declines, Russia fills the vacuum

Presumably there are at least a few politicians in the great Western capitals who have some idea of how to get a grip on the current global chaos. Perhaps at some point they will let us know what it is. At the moment, all that we are getting is banalities and obfuscation, which seem to be a cover for total panic. Apart from the obvious words of condolence and horror over the shooting down of a civilian airliner, no one seems to have anything meaningful to say about an incident that could have the diplomatic significance of the sinking of the Lusitania.

Russia, which is clearly either directly or indirectly responsible for this criminal act or criminally negligent mistake, seems to be technically hysterical. Unlike the Western leaders who were initially almost entirely lost for words, it responded instantaneously with a flood of frantic lies. First, there was the preposterous claim that it was the Ukrainian military that had fired the missile. This led to a serious and absurd discussion in the West of whether or not the government in Kiev actually possessed weaponry capable of such an act.