Do Israelis Really Think the U.S. Will Come to Their Aid?

Many Israelis seem to think that if Iran does acquire nuclear weapons, if Israel could just offer up a more friendly face, the current U.S. Administration would, in a crisis, come to their help. They could not be more wrong.

Many Israelis seem to be counting on some deeply wished-for love from the current U.S. Administration. What they may not want to see is that their unrequited love for the U.S. runs far deeper than any disagreement with Israel’s current prime minister. Just ask Syria, ask Iraq, ask Yemen, ask Libya, ask Saudi Arabia, ask Kuwait, ask Egypt. The current U.S. Administration does not even send weapons; it sends meals-ready-to-eat. Israel and the rest of us in the region — as Iran has already encircled all the oil fields and is now taking over Iraq — have no more to look forward to than that.


Sweden’s Middle East Policy in Ruins

Sweden’s latest attempt to flex its muscles as a humanitarian and feminist superpower ended in a diplomatic disaster last week.

On March 9, the country’s Social Democratic Foreign Minister, Margot Wallström, was to address the foreign ministers of the Arab League assembled in Cairo.

Wallström had been invited by Arab League Secretary General Nabil el-Araby as a guest of honor. According to Egyptian sources, it is believed that the unusual offer to listen to a European foreign minister was made in light of Sweden’s recent decision to recognize Palestine.

Wallström never got a chance to speak. According to her own explanation, she was blocked from addressing the meeting after protests by Saudi Arabia. “They have reacted strongly to what we have said about democracy and human rights,” she told Swedish public radio. Secretary General el-Araby refused to comment, and spokespersons for the Swedish and Saudi embassies in Cairo were unavailable for comment.


Palestinians: We Want Democratic Elections, Too

“We really envy the Israelis. Our leaders don’t want elections. They want to remain in office forever.” — Veteran Palestinian journalist from Ramallah.

The truth is that neither Fatah nor Hamas is interested in holding new parliamentary and presidential elections — each for its own reasons.


The Islamist Way

“Expansion and conquest” make one of the pillars of the Islamist doctrine. For that reason, it requires, and overtly or covertly struggles for, expanding “rights” in non-Muslim countries.

It is simply futile to expect Islamists to demonstrate a crumb of the tolerance they demand of non-Muslim nations.


What Extremist Islam Thrives On

Despite being proud Palestinians, we here know that the Palestinian Authority must not, at present, be allowed military weapons; it must not be allowed to admit ISIS operatives; it must not be allowed to have an airport or a seaport. Such an event would turn not only Israel, but also Jordan, Egypt and the region, into an explosion of terrorism, death and destruction.


Spain: “The Mediterranean Corridor of Jihadism”

Catalonia is home to approximately 465,000 Muslims. At least 10% of them are estimated to be “radicals” who are hardcore believers in the “doctrine of jihadism.” — Jofre Montoto, Catalan terrorism analyst.

In February, the lower house of the Spanish Congress approved far-reaching changes to the country’s penal code, as a way to combat Islamic extremism and support for the Islamic State.