Death of the tax disc: learn new rules or face £1,000 fine

The tax disc, which was first introduced in 1921, will cease to exist in paper form from October 1, with a new electronic system being put in its place.

Under new rules announced in the Autumn Statement last year, motorists will now have to register their car online to pay Vehicle Excise Duty, otherwise known as road tax.

This can be done via Direct Debit on the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency DVLA website or at a Post Office branch.Those who dont register for the tax, will be caught out by number plate recognition cameras which track each vehicle on the road.


Brian Cox warns an asteroid could wipe out humanity

Brian Cox isn’t a man to mince his words.

He famously described the belief that the world is 6,000-years-old as ‘b*****ks’ and those who think the planet would end because of the Mayan calendar as ‘morons.’

But, lately, something far more serious has been weighing on the mind of the Oldham physicist.

Humanity, he says, is at risk of being wiped out by asteroids – and we’re not taking the threat seriously.

‘There is an asteroid with our name on it and it will hit us,’ Professor Cox told MailOnline. In fact, the Earth had a ‘near-miss’ only a few months ago.


Sorry to Remind You, but Golda Meir Was Right – Part I of IV

CommentHamas spokesman Sami Abu-Zuhri said: “All Israelis are legitimate targets.” What would the Palestinian death toll have been if Mr. Netanyahus spokesman declared all Palestinians as legitimate targets?

Underdog-nation romanticism tells us Israel should not respond when under rocket attack because it is capable of intercepting the rockets.

That there are fewer Israeli casualties does not mean Hamas does not want to kill; it just means, for the moment, Hamas cannot kill.


Sorry to Remind You, but Golda Meir Was Right – Part II of IV

A front-page headline was particularly revealing: They Israel bombed a mosque in Gaza! Including the exclamation mark!A quick internet search, if you typed “mosque bombing Shiite-Sunni,” would give you 782,000 results on July 16.Why did we not hear one single Turkish voice protest the death of 300,000 Muslims in Darfur?Hamass Charter is must-read fun.


Sorry to Remind You, but Golda Meir Was Right – Part III of IV

So in the EU-candidate Turkey, a pianist should be punished for his re-tweets, but a pop-singer should be congratulated for her first-class racist hate-speech. This is contagious.

No reporter present at Mr. Ihsanoglus campaign launch speech thought about asking him if his commitment to the “Palestinian cause” included any affirmation of the Hamas Charter, in particular a section that says, “…The stones and trees will say, O Muslims, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.

“Turkey is also the country where a few years earlier, a group of school teachers yes, school teachers! gathered in a demonstration to commemorate Hitler.


Sorry to Remind You, but Golda Meir Was Right – Part IV of IV

CommentIn Turkey however, the protests were not peaceful. They included smashing a sculpture than was neither Jewish nor Israeli.

It was the usual “We-Muslims-can-kill each other-but-Jews-cannot” hysteria.

If Turkish crowds were protesting against Israel in a political dispute, why Koranic slogans? Why were they protesting in Arabic rather than their native language? Do Turks chant German slogans to protest nuclear energy?


Hamas’s “Victory”

What is sad is that the Gazans have not yet been able to free themselves from the yoke of Hamas.

The world seems not to understand that Hamas, like ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood, does not exist in a vacuum. It is one cog in the radical Islamist wheel that threatens the Arab and Muslim world and the major cities of Europe.

The Western world also seems not to understand that it has to incapacitate or totally neutralize the countries funding terrorism, such as Iran, Qatar and Turkey, for whom the Palestinian problem is only a pretext on the way to destroying the Western world as we know it and replacing it with only Islam.