Turkey’s Staggering “Shoeboxgate”

Imagine an audio recording of the president calling his son and telling him to get rid of all the cash he keeps at home; and his son, after trying for several hours, telling him there are still millions left.

For Erdogan, his election victories meant that all allegations of corruption were baseless. For the first time in the history of justice, voters had acted as the jury for a high-profile corruption case.

Erdogan’s ambitions are also about securing a two-thirds majority in the May election so that the constitution can be amended.

For the past year, Erdogan’s administration has suspended, reassigned, prosecuted and jailed thousands of (mostly) police officers on charges of attempting illegally to topple his government.

The main opposition party replied: “If you don’t trust the top court, how do ordinary citizens trust the ordinary courts?” Good question.


Pegida: The New German Revolution

Pegida’s worries about the Islamization of Germany concern the seeming intolerance and religious fanaticism that have grown hand-in-hand with the arrival of the Muslim populations unwilling to adapt to Western values.

The terror attacks in France Had “nothing to do with Islam.” — German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière.

By decrying Pegida’s views as “xenophobic,” narrow minded” and even “inhuman,” Germany’s ruling establishment shows how deeply out of touch it is with the worries of a large segment of the population.

Perhaps the people in the East just want to avoid the situation that the Western part of the country is in. Having gone through decades of Communist dictatorship, perhaps they are less inclined to trust that their political leaders have the people’s best interests in mind with their policies.


Open Letter to the French President

Dear Mr. President,

First, I wish to express my deep condolences over the killing of innocent citizens in the recent terror attacks in Paris.

Second, I want to apologize to Your Excellency for not revealing my true identity. After you read my letter, you will realize why people like me are afraid to reveal their real identity.

I decided to write to you this letter after hearing my president, Mahmoud Abbas, declare that you had invited him to attend the anti-terror rally in Paris earlier this week.

Like many Palestinians, I see President Abbas’s participation in a rally against terrorism and assaults on freedom of speech as an act of gross hypocrisy — a condition that is not alien to Palestinian Authority leaders.


How Turkey Fights Extremism: “Do Not Keep Pet Dogs at Home!”

This is Turkey’s fight against radical, Islamist terror, which it claims does not exist.

The Religious Affairs Directorate [Diyanet] enjoys a huge budget to eradicate misunderstandings and false knowledge about Islam. It recently issued a fatwa that urges Muslims who have tattoos to repent if they are unable to erase them.


Germany Bracing for Islamic Terror

German police have evidence “that key European cities could be attacked at any time.” — Der Spiegel.

“This is a serious situation.” — German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere.

“You will pay the price as you walk on your streets, turning right and left, fearing the Muslims. We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women, by the permission of Allah.” — Jihadist video threatening Italy.

“The Islamists… showed France that they are incapable of democracy and rather look to violence and death as an answer! Our politicians want us to believe the opposite. Must such a tragedy happen here in Germany first???” — Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West [PEGIDA].


No-Go Zones Sparking Tension Between Black and Muslim Communities in UK

Ezra Levant uncovered a video from eleven years ago – when, as he points out, the Muslim population in the Birmingham area of England was half as large as it is today – in which a filmmaker from Trinidad, interested in documenting race relations across the Western world, described a “tense atmosphere” in which “outsiders feel threatened” at the conclusion of the Ramadan holiday (segment begins at 15:18):


Turkey: Where Some Murders Are More Equal than Others

What happens if an army kills Turkish civilians? It seems to depend on which army does the killing.

The nine Turkish citizens killed aboard the Mavi Marmara remain so dear to the official Turkish memory. The 34 Turkish citizens killed in Uludere by a Turkish airstrike are mere casualties that the official Turkish memory wishes to forget.