A Turkish Quest to “Liberate” Jerusalem

Both Turkey’s President Erdogan and its Prime Minister Davutoglu have declared countless times that Gaza and Jerusalem (in addition to Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Somalia, and the Maghreb) are Turkey’s “domestic affairs.”

In truth, there is no mention of any city’s name in the Qur’an.


How Amnesty International Suppresses Free Speech

Last month the Columbia University chapter of Amnesty International invited me to deliver a talk on human rights in the Middle East. I accepted the invitation, anxious to present a balanced view on human rights, focusing on the Israeli-Arab-Palestinian issue. As a supporter of the two-state solution and an opponent of many of Israel’s settlement decisions, I regard myself as a moderate on these issues. That was apparently too much for the national office of Amnesty International to tolerate. They demanded that the Columbia chapter of Amnesty International disinvite me. They did not want their members to hear my perspective on human rights.

The excuse they provided were two old and out-of-context quotes suggesting that I favored torture and collective punishment. The truth is that I am adamantly opposed to both. I have written nuanced academic articles on the subject of torture warrants as a way of minimizing the evils of torture, and I have written vehemently against the use of collective punishment of innocent people — whether it be by means of the boycott movement against all Israelis or the use of collective punishment against Palestinians. I do favor holding those who facilitate terrorism responsible for their own actions.


Germany: Hooligans Declare War on Islamic Radicals

Hooligans from rival football clubs have temporarily set aside their mutual hatred for each other in order to unite against a common enemy: radical Salafists who are bringing Islamic Sharia law to Germany.

After police predicted that more than 10,000 hooligans would show up at an anti-Salafist rally in Berlin, authorities cancelled the event. Similar rallies planned for Frankfurt, Hamburg and Hannover have also been banned.

Vogel, a former professional boxer who often depicts himself as the embodiment invincible Islam, is now portraying himself as a helpless and fearful victim of the football hooligans


Germany tackles benefit abuse as migration soars from eastern EU | Reuters

(Reuters) – Germany expects the number of Romanians and Bulgarians moving to the country to double this year, now that they are free to work anywhere in the European Union, and will defend its welfare system from potential abuse, the government said on Wednesday.

Economic growth and low unemployment in Germany are luring EU citizens taking advantage of free labor movement in the bloc, and industry is short of workers. But EU expansion to the east has fuelled fears of an influx of people fleeing poverty.

“It’s good news when migrants come here to work, train or study and contribute to Germany’s welfare and development,” said Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere. “But we shouldn’t be blind to the fact that this immigration sometimes brings problems.”


Video: Mahmoud Abbas & Friends Rationalize Massacre of Rabbis At Prayer

Do you really want to know why there is no peace in the Middle East?

The video shows you why.

Even the so-called condemnation was hardly one, equating the massacre of innocents with Jews visiting the holiest site in Judaism.

I bet not many of you are surprised Hamas and PFLP representatives would be expressing such sentiments. But Abbas (and his Fatah party)?

He wears a tie with his suits, that’s the difference.


This time next year, we could be governed by a coalition of losers

Three years ago, all main Westminster parties believed that they’d be in power after the next election. It was not entirely delusional: the opinion polls were tight and any sort of coalition seemed possible. Now, that optimism has been supplanted by fear and Parliament feels like death’s waiting room. The parties now all think they are about to lose – and this time, they’re probably right.

The Conservatives are today mourning the loss of a second constituency to Ukip. There are no mitigating factors in their defeat. Unlike Clacton, which Tory strategists gave up on apparently on account of its having too many old and poor people, David Cameron did his utmost to keep Rochester and Strood. “We are coming for you,” the Prime Minister told Ukip, in an interview with this newspaper, “and we are going to throw everything we can at you.” He did, yet Mark Reckless still easily won the seat for Ukip taking four in every ten votes cast yesterday. What does this say about the Tory election-winning machine?