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Phoebe and three other Jack Russells

Originally posted on My Life as an Artist (2):

I am off to visit Pheobe today which got me thinking about three other Jack Russells that brought great joy and comfort to my life.


Eight years ago, I spent a blissful summer, studio/house/animal sitting for friends who had a place about a half an hour outside of Brussells.

There were three Jack Russells, a cat and chickens….but this is about the dogs.

First there were the Angel Pups – just a year old and the dearest little creatures one can ever imagine.

The Angel Pups –  who never left my side – whether in the garden…


or in the studio….


or in bed…..


And then there was dear, beautiful Jessie.     Very much on her last legs, to the point that the vet had been alerted should anything happen while I was looking after her.

It was a time when I needed nurturing….and so perhaps…

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Obsessed Appeasement Expropriators Descend

Originally posted on Beyond the Cusp:

The circus which accompanies the establishing of a new Israeli government finally formed after any elections cycle, planned or unexpected, comes this time in force beyond imagination. Usually there is coordination resulting in a single team arriving all carrying briefcases brimming with demands for new sacrifices Israel will be expected to make simply to allow these experts to meet with Mahmoud Abbas and his minions and receive another list of demands that Israel submit in order to attain a humbled attitude considered suitable for a meeting an Arab Palestinian delegations whose diplomacy is more insults and degradations than hospitable intercourse which usually accompanies normative mediations. This time the demands will be presented in surround sound as teams from the United States, the anticipatory fomenters, the United Nations, the European Union who come salivating for Israel’s destruction, and an outside agitator granting audience and treaties recognizing Mahmoud Abbas as the maker…

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Disturbing Video: White Man Knocked Out, Then Savagely Beaten Some More By Group of Apes

Originally posted on saboteur365:

youtube man knocked out

Published on May 20, 2015
Elyria, Ohio – Elyria Police call an assault caught on video one of the worst beatings they have ever seen, and say one of the men responsible is still on the loose.

As usual, when our friendly neighborhood orangutans begin attacking humans, the vile, nasty “racist” comments are unleashed.

Avoid the groid. Around blacks, never relax.

The police need to charge that white kid for using his face to attack the fists of those black unarmed youth. Yet another hate crime where white supremacists use their face as a weapon to commit hate crimes against innocent minorities. Those blacks will now have impaired writing abilities and therefore difficulty performing in school.

Useless Barbarian SCUM; every single one bred at the TAX PAYERS EXPENSE! Equality is a Bald Faced LIE!

What are we paying for here? WHY are we paying for these things to…

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Stripped naked and sold to the highest bidder

All in accordance with the Qur’an. Kidnapping and enslaving girls as sex slaves is sanctioned by the Qur’an in multiple places — not one of the Muslim groups’ condemnations of the abductions addresses that or explains how it is a misunderstanding of Islam. Neither do their clueless leftist apologists.


Muslim Rape Gangs, Terrorists as ‘Pop-Idols,’ and the Trafficking of Children

“Mohammed was selling me for £250 to paedophiles from all over the country. They came in, sat down and started touching me… Sometimes, I would be passed from one pervert to another… Mohammed’s defense was laughable… His barrister, a woman, implied I was a racist because all the defendants were Muslim.” — Excerpts from Girl for Sale, by Lara McDonnell.

“Democracy… violates the rights of Allah. Islam is the only real, working solution for the UK.” — Election posters in Cardiff, Wales.